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Welcome to the Counseling Department Homepage! 

Here you will learn about the various services, programs, and resources available to assist you with your educational and career goals and planning. 

The Counseling Department is committed to providing quality, comprehensive academic, career, and personal counseling services in a supportive environment to assist students in achieving their educational and vocational goals, and empowering them to make informed choices and decisions. 

As a new student, seeing a counselor is probably the most important thing you can do. Our counselors will:

  • Help you find the right level of classes
  • Assist you in identifying your interests, skills and abilities to help you identify a major and career
  • Assist you in designing an educational plan that will guide you on the right path to achieving educational goals
  • Direct you to the many supportive services and resources awaiting you at SJCC

We highly recommend that students meet with a counselor at least once a semester in order to more effectively and efficiently move toward their academic goals.

Students transferring to SJCC with units from other colleges are encouraged to make a counseling appointment for an evaluation of prior course work and must bring an official or unofficial transcript when meeting with a counselor.

To schedule an appointment,

please contact us @ 408-288-3750.


Academic Counseling

Assists with academic related matters and issues.  Helps you to clarify your educational objectives and develop an educational plan specific to your education goals.  We help you understand the requirements of certificate programs, associate degrees, general education, majors, and transfer.  Additional transfer information and resources can be found in the Career/Transfer Center.  

Career Counseling

Assists with career exploration and development and helps you clarify your major and career goals.  Additional career information and resources can be found in the Career/Transfer Center, including Eureka, an online career exploration program.

Personal Counseling 

Helps you to mitigate and deal effectively with personal  issues and concerns that are affecting your academic success and performance.  Personal matters discussed with a counselor are held in strict confidence. When appropriate, you may be referred to other professional services on campus (such as Student Health Services) or in the community. Click here for additional referral agency list.Click here for additional resources.



Priority Registration

Want Priority Registration?

Got an Education Plan?

Due to the Student Success statewide Initiative all students must have a current student education plan (SEP). 
  • NEW or CONTINUING students who have never developed a Student Education Plan (SEP) and/or attended an orientation session  must attend aworkshop prior to creating an SEP.  
  • If you are a continuing student, or have completed an AA/AS degree orh igher, and have developed an Education Plan but it is out of date or needs  revising, please schedule an appointment with a counselor. 

    New and Continuing students who completed less than 100 degree applicable units, are in good standing  and have completed assessment, orientation and Ed plan by Oct 25th will receive a registration appointment during the first week of registration. 

    Please contact us @ 408-288-3750, or come to Student Center, 2nd Floor, SC-200 (Counseling desk).



There are two ways to see a General Counselor: 

  • By Drop-In Advisement or
  • By Appointment.
Drop in Counseling is on a first come, first served basis. Depending on the number of students waiting to see a counselor, the hours may be cut off prior to the posted closing hours. To ensure being seeing by a counselor, you should arrive at least one hour beforethe posted end time.  Drop in is

intended for a 5-10 minute brief question. 


How do you know if your question/concern can be addressed at a drop in?
The box below should help you identify if you should visit a counselor during drop in or schedule an appointment.

Drop-In Hours  & Advisement

  Summer  2015

June 1 - July 23

Mondays -Thursdays:    9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

( No Friday Drop-In)

Drop In


Prerequisite and Co-requisite overrides.  Students must bring proof of completion of the required coursework (transcript, document, etc.)

Educational planning - Class selection & advisement

Class Repeat

Graduation Petition (Degree, Certificate)

Excess unit form

General ed and transfer requirements

Assessment Results/Review

Career Counseling

Brief Question (5-10 minutes)

Transcript Evaluation


Academic probation/dismissal counseling


Associate degree and certificate requirements


Financial Aid petition


Graduation petitions and certificate


Personal Counseling

Drop-in Advisement

Drop-in Advisement sessions are appropriate for the following quick questions/items: 

Prerequisite Clearance

If you would like to sign up for a class that have prerequisite(s) that you
have already met at another college or in other ways, then you need to see a counselor to clear you to register for that desired class.  You must provide documentation (ie. transcript) to the counselor, showing that you have met the prerequisite(s).

Course Repeat Form

To repeat a class you have failed, you must get a Repeat Form from a counselor and register for the class with Admissions & Records.  Note:  Students can only repeat a course two times.

Excess Unit Form
To register for more than 18 units during the Fall or Spring semester, or more than 7 units during the summer session, you must get an Excess Unit Form from a counselor and register for the class with Admissions & Records.   

Assessment result review To understand your assessment results and to get help with English/ESL and Math class selection.  

Counseling Appointments

Counseling Appointments are:

*30-minutes counseling session. Best way to see a counselor.
*Must be scheduled in advance. Best to see a counselor during non-peak registration time.
*Schedule an appointment by calling, or stopping by the Counseling Department, located on the 2nd floor of the Student Center. 
*Check in at the Counseling Department Front Desk when you arrive for your appointment.

Note:  If you have transcripts (unofficial transcripts are fine for advisory purposes) from other colleges, please bring them to the counseling appointment. Important:  If you have transcripts from other colleges on file with our Admissions & Records, please let the Counseling Department Front Desk Personnel know when you make the appointment.        


Academic Counseling

Not sure what classes to take?  Want to develop an educational or transfer plan?  Or discuss majorand degree requirements, or other
academic related matters?  See a General Counselor for academic counseling.               

Academic Counseling services are critical to student’s academic progress and success.  Hence, it is important that you make an appointment to see a counselor during your first semester to discuss your educational and career objectives, and to develop a customized educational plan.  In addition, meet with a counselor periodically thereafter, to make sure you are on the right track in achieving your educational and career goals. 

Academic Counseling Services:

  • Assist you with academic related matters and issues. 
  • Help you to clarify your educational objectives and  develop an educational plan, specific to your education goals. 
  • Help you to understand the requirements of certificate programs, associate degrees, general education, majors, and transfer as well as the College’s policies and procedures.
  • Provide transcript evaluation and class selection.
  • Provide academic probation/dismissal counseling for those students who are struggling academically and need to strategize ways to improve their academic performance and standing.
  • Assist with graduation and financial petitions and other academic/registration related forms.   

Career Counseling

  1. Choosing a major and career is a very important decision that affects your educational planning and determines the classes you take.  It’s vital that you get started with your major and career exploration early. 

  2. Some students enter college knowing exactly what major and career they want to pursue.  Others are facing challenges such as changing occupations or jobs.  But most students come to college not knowing what they want to pursue in life, let alone what major to enter or how to pick a major. It’s okay. We’re here to help.

  3. Career Counseling Services: 

    • Assists with career exploration and development.

    • Helps you to clarify your major and career objectives. 

    • Additional career information and resources can be found in the Career/Transfer Center, including Eureka, an online career exploration program.

    • Career counseling requires an appointment.

  4. Two courses  — Guidance 96 and Guidance 130 —  provide exercises and tools useful in defining who you are, setting goals, and moving toward a fulfilling occupation and lifestyle. 


 Click here for the Schedule for Summer & Fall 2015 Guidance Courses

GUID-096 Career/Life Planning (3.0 units): This class aids students with their career and major selection by identifying personal characteristics, interest, abilities, goals, values, and lifestyle preferences, and relating these personal characteristics to the world of work. 

GUID-130 Study Skills (3.0 units):  This course will introduce students to the academic skills necessary for becoming a successful college student.  Please refer to the College Catalog or Counseling Department for more information on these courses.

Please refer to the College Catalog or Counseling Department for more information on these courses.

Additionally, the websites below offer excellent information and a start toward career and major selection.

Personal Counseling

It is not uncommon for students to encounter personal issues while in college.  Stress, depression, loss and grief, substance abuse, anger, eating disorders, anxiety and relationship problems can interfere with your ability to do your best academically.

Having good mental health increases the likelihood of doing well academically — just like good physical health is essential for peak athletic performance. When you encounter these personal issues, it is important to seek healthy solutions.

The websites listed below are a place to start.

Two other great places to look for help are the SJCC Counseling Center and the SJCC Health Center. Talking with a counselor or one of the highly trained professionals in the Health Center may be the thing to get you back on track to academic success, as well as a more fulfilling life. 

Be assured that regardless of whether you meet with a counselor or someone in the Health Center, your issues will be held in complete confidence. 


Need Financial Assistance to pay for college?FAFSA - Financial Aid

Do you have transcripts from another country that need to be evaluated?  International Transcript Evaluation 

Need to find a college that offers a specific course on-line?  California Virtual Campus 

Thinking about going into Dentistry? American Dental Education Association

Considering Medical School and its costs?Association of American Medical Schools

Questions about the Pharmacy program? American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

Do you have questions about the California Teaching Credentials program?

California Teaching/Credentials

Are you looking for Veterinary Medical Colleges? Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges 

Questions about going into Health Science Majors?Health Sciences Majors

Uncertain what college offers the major that you want in California?  California Colleges

Willing to go farther to pursue your career?

U.S. Colleges & Universities

The SJCC Counseling Department provides these sites as a means for students to do some of their own independent research. 

Counselors would say students using these sites are being proactive or taking responsibility for their own future!



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