​​​​​  ​when should I report a complaint?

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Crisis Helplines

 In compliance with the Student Right-to-Know, Campus Security Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-542), it is the policy of the SJECCD and San Jose City College to make the following information available:

​​​Student Right-To-Know, Campus Security Act, Title IX & The Campus Save Act 

title ix team 

Title IX Coordinator

Roland Montemayor


Title IX Deputy Coordinator

Michael Mooney

(408) 947-5352

Director, Student Development & Activities

Blake Balajadia

(408) 288-3146

Dean, Kinesiology & Athletics

Lamel Harris

(408) 288-3730

Athletic/Puente Counselor

Veronica Harris

(408) 288-3798

Student Health Center Coord.

Janet Chang or other health center professionals

(408) 288-3724

International Student Coordinator/Counselor

Doriann Tran

(408) 288-3751

Disabilities Support Program & Services Counselor

Mary Denham

(408) 288-3746

Director, Financial Aid

Takeo Kubo

(408) 288-3733

CalWORKs Director

Marilyn Brodie

(408) 288-3150

CalWORKs Counselor

Marylin Crawford

(408) 288-3150

SJECCD Police Department

(408) 270-6468



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