​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Associated Student​​ Government

Your Student Government!

SJCC is your College and the Associated Student Government (ASG) organization is your representative voice on issues affecting the entire student body at SJCC.  Elected students serve on campus and district committees, working closely with staff, faculty, and administrators on decisions for the College.  ASG also advocates for students on regional ​and statewide levels on issues ranging from financial aid to academic policy. ASG enriches the student experience by supporting student organizations and producing campus-wide activities, events, and programs. 


Agendas for meetings are posted in the hall outside the cafeteria in the Student Center. 

We invite you to visit your weekly student government meetings Wednesdays from 2-4PM in SC 204.  

ASG offices are located in Suite 115 of the S​tudent Center. 


Contact your Associated Students President at sjccasgpresident​@sjcc.edu to learn more!

From the ASG Constitution Preamble:

We the Students of San Jose City College, in order to form a more perfect self-government, do hereby establish this Constitution for the Associated Student Government of San Jose City College and the Student Senate. This organization shall be established as a self-governing body to direct extracurricular activities and student government at San Jose City College. We the Students also hereby establish this organization in order to effectively participate in student and shared governance and citizenship; to express the general will of the students to the  administration;  to  further  cooperate  in  partnership  with  the  administration,  staff, faculty, community, and other educational institutions; to create and maintain adequate academic, social Justice, cultural, and political activities in the further advancement of student welfare. The purposes stated herein are those of which all of the college recognizes as the privileges, rights and responsibilities of the Students of San Jose City College. The objective  of  this  organization  is  to  build  quality  relations  and  partnerships  with  the collegiate community at large.


Congratulations to the newly-elected ASG Officers for 2016-2017:

President: Iriana Luna

Vice President: Sabryna Rodriguez

Director of Publicity: Douglas Anderson

Director of Finance: Paige West 

ASG Facebook Page


ASG Leadership

Sia Saquee

ASG President


Maria Hernandez

ASG Vice President


Duy Vo

ASG Finance Director


Bernisha Wilson

Director of Activities


Ignacio Ramirez

ASG Secretary


Marcelo Lopez

Publicity Specialist


Larry Harris

Student Trustee and

Managing Editor, Jaguar Post


Alva Long

Director of Fundraising


Vison Lu

Senator of Club Affairs


Kim Tran

Senator of Presidential Affairs


Paige West

Senator of Finance

Hall of Excellence

The Hall of Excellence Award Ceremony is May 12 in T-415.

Please submit your nominate by April 28 on the link below for the following catagories:

Faculty of the Year

Outstanding Club

Outstanding Staff

Outstanding Student

Outstanding Athlete

Outstanding Instructor

Administrator of the Year

Outstanding Club Advisor

Outstanding Humanitarian

Outstanding Administrator

Student Overcoming Adversity


Link to Nomination Form


ASG Jaguar Post Feb 2016

ASG Jaguar Post Apr 2016

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