​​​​​​​​​about the​ program STEM Core is a special program for students interested Science, Technology, Engineering, an​d Math (STEM). 

Student​s will take a two-semester course math sequence with embedded tutoring and have opportunities to compete for paid summer internships. 

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​program benefits​

​​​Academic Support | Math Bridge to Calculus

    • ​​​​Embedded math tutoring and workshops
    • Cohorted classes - take classes ​with same group of students throughout year
    • Guaranteed registration for STEM courses
    • Free textbooks, calculators and materials to use
    • Advance from Algebra/Geometry to Calculus in one year

​STEM Workshops | Field Trips

    • Gain insight into tech industry
    • Networking with industry experts
    • Visit local computer science and engineering companies 

Career Development | Internship Opportunities

    • Receive support in creating resumes, cover letters, student portfolios, interviewing, LinkedIn profile, etc...​​​
    • Compete for paid summer internships exclusive to STEM Core participants (NASA Ames, Lockheed Martin, Jabil, Renault Nissan, and much more...)​​​​
​eligibility f​or fall 2017​​​​
  • Interest in STEM
  • Eligibility ​to take Math 13 (Intermediate Algebra) or Math 14 (Geometry)

​​​​​​STEM Core students visit Tesla


​​Tam Nguyen, STEM Core program

Tam Nguyen
408.298.2181 ext. 3238

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

how to apply

  1. Review eligibility and program schedule
  2. Complete online application form
  3. Meet with a program specialist ​
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