​​​​​​​about the program​

STEM Core is ​​a special program for students interested ​​​​in​​ Science,Technology Engineering,​ an​d Math (STEM).

​Student​s will take a two-semester course math sequence with embedded tutoring and have opportuniti​es to compete for paid summer internships. 

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​program benefits​

​​​Academic Support | Math Bridge to Calculus

    • ​​​​Embedded math tutoring and workshops
    • Cohorted classes - take classes ​with same group of students throughout year
    • Guaranteed registration for STEM courses
    • Free textbooks, calculators and materials to use
    • Advance from Algebra/Geometry to Calculus in one year

​STEM Workshops | Field Trips

    • Gain i​​nsight into tech industry
    • Networking with industry experts
    • Visit local computer science and engineering companies 

Career Development | Internship Opportunities

    • Receive support in creating resumes, cover letters, student portfolios, interviewing, LinkedIn profile, etc...​​​
    • Compete for paid summer internships exclusive to STEM Core participants (NASA Ames, Lockheed Martin, Jabil, Renault Nissan, and much more...)​​​​
​eligibility f​or Fall​​​ 2018
  • ​​​​Interest in STEM
  • Eligibility ​to take Math 13 (Intermediate Algebra) or Math 14 (Geometry)


​​Tam Nguyen, STEM Core program

Tam Nguyen
Science Complex S-115

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

how to apply

  1. Review eligibility and program schedule
  2. Complete online application form ​
  3. Meet with a program specialist ​​​
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