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The San Jose City College Biology Program offers lecture and lecture-laboratory classes to meet a variety of student needs.  Our department’s curriculum is organized into three different academic pathways: A) Majors biology courses, B) Allied Health courses for pre-professionals (e.g. pre-nursing, pre-physical therapy, etc...), and C) Bio-literacy (for non-majors courses for general education requirements.) While all coursework can be used for transfer to four year colleges and universities, the Allied Health pathway is in many ways a beginning Occupational Program for the health care industry where employment opportunities currently abound.

Our biology department faculty members are committed to creating an encouraging learning environment. They spend generous amounts of extra time with students to help clarify course work,  and offer education and career guidance.


Recommended Curriculum for Biology Majors

Students planning to transfer into an upper division program need to contact the Transfer Center to obtain the latest information. Catalogs are available but they only provide an overview of what is required. Each college or university expects transfer students to have completed certain courses; however, the requirements vary from one institution to the next. With the above in mind, the department recommends that students planning to transfer into a Biological Science major consider taking the following courses:

  • Arts & Humanities (3 approved courses)
  • Biology 4A and 4B
  • Chemistry 1A, 1B
  • English 1A, 1C
  • History & Political Science (2 approved courses)
  • Math 71, 72
  • Oral Communication (1 approved course)
  • Physics 2A, 2B or Physics 4A, 4B
  • Social & Behavioral Science (3 approved courses)


Peer-Led Learning

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) is a small-group collaborative approach to learning, studying, and orally communicating chemistry, biology, math and physics. Click on the first link to find out our current semester schedule of PLTL workshops. Students who become peer leaders earn a modest stipend and are offered opportunities to participate in local and national conferences, internships, and more.​

Anatomy Open Lab Schedule

SJCC Biology Department offers open labs on Fridays during the Fall 2019 semester to assist students enrolled in any anatomy lab section at SJCC (Biol 071).  No appointments are required.  All open labs are held in the anatomy lab room, S126.





​5​10/4/19NO OPEN LAB ​
​6​10/11/19​9-11am, 1-2pm​Nguyen
​8​10/25/19​NO OPEN LAB
​10​11/8/19​9-11am, 1-3pm​Nguyen
​12​11/22/19​NO OPEN LAB ​
​13​11/29/19NO OPEN LAB ​
​15​12/13/19​9-11am, 1-3pm​Nguyen




Contact Us

Sanhita Datta

Faculty, Biology

(408) 298-2181 x3067


Karen Hurst

Faculty, Biology

(408) 298-2181 x3990


Thu Nguyen Klemanski

Faculty, Biology

(408) 298-2181 x3368


Terence Lee

Faculty, Biology

(408) 298-2181 x3439


Carlos Rojo

Faculty, Biology

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Joel Stryker

Faculty, Biology

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