Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology HVAC/R

Are you looking for a challenging field that will put you in the center of operating systems? San Jose City College offers a robust Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology program that will provide you with highly sought after skills and knowledge to keep systems running smooth. You will receive hands on training from experienced faculty members to create real-world situations and gain valuable experience. 


Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  (HVAC/R) 

HVAC Technicians work on:

  • Residential heating & cooling systems
  • Rooftop mounted systems
  • Supermarket refrigeration systems
  • Large multi-story systems
  • Ultra low temperature systems as low as -300 degreesF

An HVAC technician:

  • Uses welding skills to connect copper pipes
  • Uses special tools to add & remove fluid refrigerants
  • Uses knowledge of physics to find system problems
  • Uses electrical knowledge & skills to troubleshoot complex control circuits
  • Works with special electronic circuits connecting HVAC systems to computers
  • Makes repairs to mechanical compressors, pumps, blowers & valves
  • Makes repairs to electrical devices such as motors, relays, & wiring
  • Uses conventional & special instruments to measure & detect problems

HVAC Technicians combine the skills of many trades into one trade to keep systems running and sustain residential and work environments.


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