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Welcome to the SJCC Student Affairs Homepage!


The Student Affairs Division is under the leadership of the Vice President of Student Affairs. We are here to assist you with resources and support to achieve your dreams and succeed in your journey at SJCC.

Below are the on-campus resources and support programs that can support you at San Jose City College. If you have questions, please feel free to reference our FAQ’s available for download below.


Student Affairs & Services is committed to excellence by providing quality and efficient programs and services to a diverse San José City College community. Our goal is to nurture, support and empower students in developing and meeting their educational, career and personal goals.

We do this in a caring environment of mutual respect and trust that encourages and motivates students to unleash their maximum potential, meet their expectations, set high standards, and achieve their most cherished goals. Our commitment is accomplished through cooperative collaboration between student services and academic disciplines, and in partnership with business, higher education and the community. We recognize the importance of building and maintaining a cohesive Student Affairs & Services team of professionals.


Admissions & Records:
A&R can help you apply to SJCC and register for classes. We can also help you with deadlines and how to request transcripts. You can learn more about our fees, class offerings for each term, and how to pay for classes.

Assessment Center:
Most new students are required to complete the Assessment process to determine math, English and reading levels. This tutorial will provide you with information regarding the Assessment Center and the Assessment process.

Financial Aid and Scholarships:
We can assist you with paying for classes including information about the Board Of Governors Fee Waiver, Federal Student Aid (grants, loans and work study) and various scholarship programs. We can also help you with certain requirements for each type of aid and, if you qualify, how to receive your aid funds.

Matriculation is a process that enhances student access in the California Community Colleges and promotes and sustains the efforts of credit students to be successful in their educational endeavors. Let us help you achieve your “student success”!


Counseling is committed to providing quality, comprehensive academic, career, and personal counseling services in a supportive environment to assist you and your fellow students in achieving your educational and vocational goals, and empowering you to make informed choices and decisions. Advising provides you with information necessary for earning a certificate, degree and/or transferring to a university.

Online Orientation:
This link provides orientation to the College by first presenting the history of San Jose City College, the steps in the Matriculation process, information on obtaining certificates, degrees, how to transfer to a university and much more.

Career/Transfer Center:
The Career/Transfer Center is committed to supporting you and all of our students in achieving educational life goals by promoting career development and transfer to a 4-year institution. To achieve this, we provide quality and comprehensive resources, activities, and services that foster equity, life-long learning and career/transfer success in our nurturing environment.

International Students:
The International Student Program is committed to supporting F-1 visa international students to ensure that they have a positive, enriching experience during their time at San Jose City College. To achieve this, the International Student Program provides comprehensive pre-arrival, orientation, immigration, academic, and personal counseling support.

Puente is a nationally recognized, academic program designed to help students adjust to college life and prepare for transfer to four-year universities. The program has three major components: accelerated writing instruction, counseling, and mentoring. We have our own classes, our own counselor, and every semester, we match our students with professionals from the community who can provide them with knowledge and guidance about education, careers, and life. Puente provides its students with a strong academic foundation, which is essential for success at SJCC and at the four-year universities that they transfer to. Puente is open to all students.

The Umoja Program is an academic learning community and resource. A Kiswahili word meaning “Unity”, Umoja engages students in culturally responsive curriculum, supporting the legacy of the African Diaspora. The program is dedicated to increasing the retention and graduation rates of African-Americans as well as other underrepresented student populations at SJCC. The program incorporates academic and personal counseling as student support services. Umoja advances academic excellence, community building and student leadership as its program goals.

The Veterans program at San Jose City College is the liaison between you as a Veteran, or your dependent, and the Department of Veteran Affairs. Our goal is to provide Veteran students with services and resources to assist as they embark on achieving their educational goals. In collaboration with various resources on campus and Veteran community organizations/resources, we promote success by assisting students to overcome social, academic, transfer, and/or personal challenges.


California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) is a state funded welfare program that gives cash aid and services to eligible needy California families up to 48 months. The program serves all 58 counties in the state and is operated locally by county welfare departments. CalWORKs services include the following support services: free transportation, child care, books, supplies, personal and academic counseling, while students reached their vocational goals.

Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) program provides supplemental services to EOPS students who are single parents receiving public assistance and have at least one child under 14 years old.

SAS (formerly DSP/S:
The Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is a state funded program that is designed to assist students with disabilities to achieve success. The College and faculty are required by law to make reasonable accommodations for students with verified and qualifying disabilities. SAS services include the following support services: academic, personal and vocational counseling; academic accommodations; and instructional programs including Adaptive Physical Education (APE). Please contact our dedicated staff in SC-106 if you need assistance or have questions about the program and services.

EOPS is committed to support our students in achieving their academic and personal goals by establishing "over and above" support services and programs for income and educationally eligible students. To this end, the EOP&S/CARE staff commits to the following actions: to eliminate barriers and ensure access to post-secondary education for all eligible students; to provide personal accessible services; to facilitate the transfer and career placement of students; to facilitate the successful completion of student educational goals and objectives; to positively affect student self concept, self esteem and self advocacy.


Associated Student Government:
The purpose of the Associated Student Government (ASG) is to pursue district and state policies that will improve student access, promote student success, and to engage, and enrich the college learning experiences for all San Jose City College students. ASG participates in the shared governance committees and promotes student activities for all students.

Campus Book Store:
Our mission is to assist students in reaching their educational goals by seeing that the textbooks and supplies required for student's classes are available when needed. The Campus Store is the place to purchase bus passes, texting materials, gifts, clothing, greeting cards, snacks, beverages and a variety of school and office supplies. Our staff is always available to assist students, faculty and staff with any questions that they may have about textbooks, supplies, special orders or merchandise.

Student Activities:
The Office of Student Life provides services that promote the success of our students, academically and experientially. Our office plays a vital role in creating an environment for students to meet others, gain leadership skills, support each other, and build experiences. Click the link to see the list of student activities and ways you can get involved as a student here at San Jose City College.

Student Code of Conduct, Discipline & Grievance Processes:
At San José City College we are committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment where students can pursue their educational goals and participate in college-sponsored activities that promote intellectual growth and personal development. Click the link for the entire Student Code of Conduct/ Discipline & Grievance Procedures.

Student Health Services:
Student Health Services is a support program designed to meet the educational, emotional and physical needs of students. The program staff includes Family Practice physicians, public health nurses, Marriage and Family Therapists, medical assistants/emergency medical technicians, and administrative assistants. The confidential services Include, but are not limited to, family planning, immunizations, physicals exams, personal counseling, first aid, no/low laboratory work, screenings for blood pressure, vision, diabetes, etc., and referrals to community health agencies.



State Complaint Process Notice Complaint Process Notice.pdfState Complaint Process NoticeStudent Code of Conduct Forms

​Contact Us

Dr. Jane Harmon

Vice President, Student Affairs(Interim)


Andrea Lopez

Admin. Secretary, Interim
Student Center, Room 201
(408) 288-3146

 Student Affairs Administrators

Eliazer Ayala-Austin

Dean, Counseling &  Matriculation


Blake Balajadia

 Director, Student Life


Marilyn Brodie

Director, WIN/CalWORKs


Takeo Kubo

Director, Financial Aid


Teresa Paiz

   Director, Admission and Records 


Edina Rutland

Director, SAS


Janet Cheng

Faculty Director, Health Services


Fabio Gonzalez

Faculty Director, EOPS/CARE

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