Duties of the Coordinator

Duties of the Coordinator

  1. Publicize activities to other faculty, the student body, the administration,   and the community on an ongoing basis. This type of effort allows students to   become more aware of opportunities, encourages faculty to get involved, and lets   community partners know what services the program has to offer them.

  2. Maintain a service learning area in the Job Placement Center. Coordinate   efforts to distribute information and manage paperwork. Work with Job Placement   Coordinator to guide student applicants through the process.

  3. Develop a guide of other public service organizations in the immediate   vicinity of San Jose City College that will provide the most relevant   experiences for students. Include relevant information and requirements to help   students choose a service that meets their learning needs.

  4. Interact with community partners to understand their needs as well as help   them play a strong role as learning sites for students.

  5. Demonstrate to faculty the usefulness and relevance of service learning.   This can be accomplished through faculty "mentoring," presentations on   experiential learning, and orientation workshops.

  6. Meet with the Steering Committee regularly to assess the effectiveness of   the program and plan future growth.

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