Forms: Faculty, Student, Site

Service Learning Program


The Steering Committee will review the following evaluations at the end of each semester:

  1. Faculty will complete an evaluation  sheet commenting on the link between service learning and course  content. Faculty will also be able to indicate on this evaluation form,  what future technical assistance needs to be provided

  2. Students will complete an evaluation sheet about their experiences at the agency  and how service learning contributed to their understanding of course  content.

  3. Community Partners will complete an evaluation sheet from their perspective as a service learning site.


The following forms are available to submit online or to download, print and turn in.

To download and print the following forms you will need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click here to get the reader and view/download these forms in the PDF format.

  • Faculty Evaluation Form

  • Site Evaluation Form

  • Student Evaluation of Service Learning Form

  • Student Performance Assessment Form

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