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Program Review Committee

The Program Review Committee reports directly to the SJCC Academic


Program Review is at the heart of planning at San Jose City College.  As a key component of the integrated planning and resource allocation model, Program Reviews provide systematic, data-driven information that  allows the College to examine the overall effectiveness of the institution.  The Program Review process is designed to provide academic, student, and administrative areas the opportunity for review and assessment in relation to the College’s mission, vision, values and performance indicators.  Moreover, the purpose is to ensure appropriate resources are being allocated to facilitate ongoing improvement in meeting the evolving learning needs of our students and community.

Program Review Cycle

During the spring 2011 semester, a working group of faculty, classified  staff, and administrators was convened to develop and recommend a review process that was integrated into overall College planning.  Based on the recommendations of the Program Review Workgroup (PRW), a process was adopted for continuous evaluation with clearly established links to Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) assessments and resource  allocations.  As a key component to SJCC’s Integrated Planning Process, all instructional, student, and administrative areas are required to go through the Comprehensive Program Review cycle.  This cycle constitutes four years and is marked by Annual Program Reviews and a larger Comprehensive Program Review in the fourth year.  



A. Program Review Committee Agenda - March 27, 2014 Agenda 3-27-14.pdfA. Program Review Committee Agenda - March 27, 20142014 Program Review Committeee Agendas

​Committee Composition

MSC Representatives

Duncan Graham

Robert Gutierrez

Faculty Representatives

Judith Bell

Jessica Breheny

Dorothy Pucay

Doug Robb

Marc Sola

Lisa Vasquez

Academic Senate Representatives

Clem Lundie

Linda Meyer

Classified Representatives

Heidi Hoffman


Student Representatives


Researcher (ex-officio)

Ronald Lopez Ramirez


Amber McCall

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