Financial Aid Forms

To apply for Financial Aid you must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Once we receive your FAFSA information, we will send you an e-mail requesting additional documents to complete your file.


BOG Fee Waiver forms 

If you wish to submit the BOG Fee Wavier only:

2017-2018 BOGFW applications for Summer 2017, Fall 2017 and Spring 2018

2017-2018 BOGFW (English)

2017-2018 BOGFW (Spanish)

2017-2018 BOGFW Income Standards


Click here for important information about the BOG Fee Waiver

Loss of BOG Fee Waiver Appeal Form


California Dream Act Application

Note: the BOG Fee Wavier waives the $46/unit enrollment fee and provides a discount for Parking Permits.  All other fees and expenses are the student's responsibility, namely the Student Health Fee ($19), Transportation Fee ($9), and Student Activity Fee ($5), text-books and any class material fees.   The BOG Fee Waiver does not apply to International and non-CA Resident students.


2016-2017 Financial Aid includes: Fall 2016, Spring 2017 and Summer 2017

2017-2018 Financial Aid includes: Fall 2017, Spring 2018 and Summer 2018


Requested forms

Verification Worksheets

Required for students who are selected, to verify certain data elements of the FAFSA.  The “missing documents” e-mail from the Financial Aid Office will state which Verification Worksheet, if any, needs to be submitted, as well as supporting documentation. The completed form along with relevant income information must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office.  Submit only the Verification Worksheet that is being requested on your missing documents e-mail.

2016-2017 Verification Forms

Dependent V1          Independent V1

Dependent V4          Independent V4

Dependent V5          Independent V5

Dependent V6          Independent V6

 Verification of Other Untaxed Income form


2017-2018 Verification Forms

V1 Verification Worksheet

V4 Verification Worksheet

V4 Verification Worksheet (use if unable to submit in person)


Tax Return Transcripts/IRS Data Retrieval Tool

If you have been asked to provide your and/or your parents’ income tax information, request a TAX RETURN TRANSCRIPT from the IRS. Financial Aid Offices are not able to accept copies of Federal Tax returns (1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, etc.).

Click here for more information about, or ordering tax transcripts.

2016-2017 FAFSA (Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017) use 2015 tax transcripts.

2017-2018 FAFSA will also require the 2015 tax transcripts.


Special Circumstances

If certain elements on your FAFSA have changed since you submitted it, you may complete and submit a Special Circumstances form:

2016-2017 Special Circumstances Forms

Dependent Student Special Circumstances

Independent Student Special Circumstances


2017-2018 Special Circumstances Forms

Dependent Student Special Circumstances

Independent Student Special Circumstances


Dependents other than Children or Spouse 

 If you stated on your FAFSA that you have dependents other than your children or spouse, you may be asked to complete this form:

2016-2017 Dependents other than children or spouse


Financial Aid Appeal (Satisfactory Academic Progress)

If you are on denied status as a result of not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, you appeal to have your Financial Aid reinstated using this form:

Appeal Form

If you are on denied status due to not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, you will be required to attend a mandatory SAP Workshop in order to submit an appeal.

Click here for Fall 2017 Workshop dates and information


Direct Student Loan

All students who wish to borrow a Direct Student Loan must complete this application:

2017-2018 Direct Student Loan application

Dependency Override

If you are considered dependent per Federal Regulations, and believe that you should be considered independent based on extenuating circumstances, you may submit the Dependency Override form to the Financial Aid Office as a request to change your status from dependent to independent:

2016-2017 Dependency Override Form

2017-2018 Dependency Override Form

Unusual Enrollment History

If you have attended multiple colleges/universities within the past three academic years, you may be required to submit the Unusual Enrollment History form:

2016-2017 Unusual Enrollment History Form

2017-2018 Unusual Enrollment History Form

Cross Enrollment Form

If you are attending anther college(s) at the same time you are attending SJCC - this form will help to determine where you will receive your financial aid.  Keep in mind that you may only receive Federal Aid funds from one college/university during any given term/semester.

2016-2017 Cross Enrollment Form

2017-2018 Cross Enrollment Form

Asset Information

If you are asked to provide information about you and/or your parents' assets, submit the appropriate form below:

2016-2017 Asset Information Forms

Dependent Student Asset Information (Student and Parents)

Independent Student Asset Information (Student Only)


2017-2018 Asset Information Forms 

Dependent Student Asset Information (Students and Parents)

Independent Student Asset Information (Student Only)

Selective Service Questionnaire

If you are male and did not register with Selective Service between the ages of 18 and 26 years old, you may need to submit one of the following:

Selective Service Questionnaire
Selective Service Form, Pre-1960


Eligibility Worksheet

If you have been convicted of possessing or selling illegal drugs while receiving Federal Student Aid, you may be required to complete and submit the following form:

2016-2017 Eligibility Form (Drug Conviction)

2017-2018 Eligibility Form (Drug Conviction)



16-17 Verification of Other Untaxed Income form Verification Untaxed Income.pdf16-17 Verification of Other Untaxed Income formFinancial Aid Documents
17-18 BOGFW app BOGFW appFinancial Aid Documents
17-18 BOGFW app Spanish BOGFW app SpanishFinancial Aid Documents
2016-2017 SAP Appeal form SAP Appeal formFinancial Aid Documents
2017-2018 Loan Application loan application.pdf2017-2018 Loan ApplicationFinancial Aid Documents
2017-2018 SAP Appeal Form SAP Appeal FormFinancial Aid Documents
IRS DRT and Tax Trans DRT and Tax TransFinancial Aid Documents
16-17 Dependency Override Dependency Review Form.pdf16-17 Dependency OverrideFinancial Aid Forms
16-17 Dependent Student Asset Info StuPar Asset Info.pdf16-17 Dependent Student Asset InfoFinancial Aid Forms
16-17 Dependent V1 V1 Dependent.pdf16-17 Dependent V1Financial Aid Forms
16-17 Dependents other than children or spouse other dependents.pdf16-17 Dependents other than children or spouseFinancial Aid Forms
16-17 Drug Conviction Eligibility Drug Conviction EligibilityFinancial Aid Forms
16-17 Independent Student Asset Info Stu Asset Info.pdf16-17 Independent Student Asset InfoFinancial Aid Forms
16-17 Special Circumstances Dependent Special Circumstances - Dependent.pdf16-17 Special Circumstances DependentFinancial Aid Forms
16-17 Special Circumstances Independent Special Circumstances - Independent.pdf16-17 Special Circumstances IndependentFinancial Aid Forms
16-17 Unusual Enrollment History Unusual Enrollment Form.pdf16-17 Unusual Enrollment HistoryFinancial Aid Forms
16-17 V1 Independent V1 Independent.pdf16-17 V1 IndependentFinancial Aid Forms
16-17 V4 Dependent V4 Dependent.pdf16-17 V4 DependentFinancial Aid Forms
16-17 V4 Independent V4 Independent.pdf16-17 V4 IndependentFinancial Aid Forms
16-17 V5 Dependent V5 Dependent.pdf16-17 V5 DependentFinancial Aid Forms
16-17 V5 Independent V5 Independent.pdf16-17 V5 IndependentFinancial Aid Forms
16-17 V6 Dependent V6 Dependent.pdf16-17 V6 DependentFinancial Aid Forms
16-17 V6 Independent V6 Independent.pdf16-17 V6 IndependentFinancial Aid Forms
16/17 Cross Enrollment Cross Enrollment Form.pdf16/17 Cross EnrollmentFinancial Aid Forms
17-18 BOGFW Income Standards BOGFW Income StandardsFinancial Aid Forms
17-18 Cross Enrollment Form Cross Enrollment Form.pdf17-18 Cross Enrollment FormFinancial Aid Forms
17-18 Dependency Override Dependency Review Form.pdf17-18 Dependency Override Financial Aid Forms
17-18 Dependent Spec. Circumstance Special Circumstances - Dependent.pdf17-18 Dependent Spec. CircumstanceFinancial Aid Forms
17-18 Eligibility Form (Drug Conviction) Eligibility Form (Drug Conviction)Financial Aid Forms
17-18 Independent Spec. Circumstances Special Circumstances - Independent.pdf17-18 Independent Spec. CircumstancesFinancial Aid Forms
17-18 Student & Parent Asset Info StuPar Asset Info.pdf17-18 Student & Parent Asset InfoFinancial Aid Forms
17-18 Student Asset Info Stu Asset Info.pdf17-18 Student Asset InfoFinancial Aid Forms
17-18 Unusual Enrollment History UEH form.pdf17-18 Unusual Enrollment HistoryFinancial Aid Forms
17-18 V4 Worksheet V4.pdf17-18 V4 WorksheetFinancial Aid Forms
17-18 V4 unable to appear V4 -Unable to Appear.pdf17-18 V4 unable to appearFinancial Aid Forms
2017-2018 Verification Worksheet revised Verification Worksheet rev 4.25.17.pdf2017-2018 Verification Worksheet revisedFinancial Aid Forms
Selective Service Form, Pre-1960, 2013-2014 Service Form, Pre-1960, 2013-2014Financial Aid Forms
Selective Service Questionnaire, 2013-2014 Service Questionnaire, 2013-2014Financial Aid Forms

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