​Service Learning Introduction

The Service Learning Program at San José City College is an educational   support program.  It is a bridge between global and local, theory and practice, teaching   and administration, and teaching and research. What we seek to develop in the student is a new understanding of these relationships and how they transform the individual activities or domains they encompass and how they reframe our understanding of the relationship between the college and the community.  This is done through a specialized form of learning known as experiential learning.

 Experiential learning is: 

    • ​​      a pedagogical tool available to instructors to further their classroom goals.
    • ​      resembles community service
    • ​      to foster a paradigm shift in the minds of students, the result of which is significantly altered world view.
    • ​     ​ to provide student with personal experiences quite different from their own so that their perceptions of              ​the world will expand and become more accurate​

Service learning is generally defined as an instructional methodology integrating community service with academic instruction as it focuses on critical, reflective thing and civic responsibility. Three factors characterize the project as San Jose City College:

  1. The role of the local community in shaping and accomplishing the mission of the college;
  2. The extensive participation of faculty members; and,
  3. The role of students as learners, not volunteers.
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