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San Jose City College is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, known around the world as the center for innovation in technology and research.

Our population is growing ra​pidly due to the excellent quality of life residents enjoy in the southern San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a great time to be in San Jose!

Celebrating more than 94 years of service to the residents of San José, Milpitas, and other neighboring communities, San José City College is proud to continue its tradition of excellence. From its modest beginnings in 1921, San Jose City College has delivered its educational mission with integrity and vitality; growing into a world class institution enrolling about 20,000 students each year.   

The College Advisory Council reviews the College Mission Statement and ensures that all aspects of the College Mission Statement are being fulfilled.  As such, student equity, equal opportunity, and equal access for all students are implicit in the activities and programs related to the Mission.  The College Advisory Council meetings are open to all for the opportunity to provide feedback and input. 

Come see our campus and facilities and let us help you on your journey to success!  


 Congratulations!  The San José – Evergreen Community College District (SJECCD) learned this week that both of its Colleges, Evergreen Valley College (EVC) and San José City College (SJCC), received reaffirmation of their accreditation status for 18 months based on a comprehensive evaluation by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC). "Reaffirmation for 18 months indicates that the Commission has determined that the institution is in substantial compliance with Standards," letters from ACCJC to the College presidents read...  "The accreditation process is vital to the ongoing improvement of our Colleges and we are grateful for ACCJC's work in ensuring that we continue to meet their high standards for institutional effectiveness," said Dr. Deborah Budd, SJECCD chancellor. "The fact that both Colleges have had their accreditation reaffirmed reflects the hard work taking place on our campuses, our commitment to continuous improvement, and the dedication of our faculty and staff to serving students." (Read more...)

Every six years, community colleges are reviewed by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (Commission) to ensure that all Eligibility Requirements, Accreditation Standards, and Commission policies are met.

Please click the following links for the ACCJC's February 3, 2017 letter to SJCC and February 3, 2017 External Evaluation Team Report.


Reaffirmation of SJCC Values and Commitment to All Students

Dear SJCC Campus Community:​

I want to welcome you back for what I know will be a great Spring semester full of opportunity, growth, and achievement for all of us.

Much has changed, however, since the end of last semester.  You, no doubt, have seen some of the executive actions issued by the White House regarding immigration and refugee bans, in particular. Many civil and human rights organizations, our state's elected officials in Washington D.C., and our elected officials in Sacramento are challenging these actions via all legal channels. Nevertheless, many of our international students and students with unresolved immigration status are, understandably, feeling a sense of fear and uncertainty.  I want to take the opportunity to reaffirm San Jose City College's positive and heartfelt support for all of our international students, Dreamers, DACA, undocumented students, and those struggling to resolve their immigration status.

It's also important to note that, unfortunately, the latest executive action may adversely and disproportionately impact members of the Islamic faith. I want to be clear that religious intolerance has no place on this campus or in our community and we will stand with our Muslim faculty, staff, students, and their families during this challenging time.

This is a stressful time for many of our students, and staff, in particular for those who may also be managing personal and family matters related to the executive orders. Our school's resources are available to help ALL students, regardless of legal status, with the challenges they face in light of the president's most recent executive orders.  I know that our exceptional faculty and staff are concerned, too, as they are dedicated to the success of ALL students. For this reason, I am encouraging us to work closely with students who may be experiencing additional stress and a heightened level of anxiety as they attempt to balance their academic, personal, and family commitments during these uncertain times.

We don't know what will happen next, but regardless of what the immediate future holds, it's important for all of us to treat one another with compassion, dignity, and respect. I want to emphasize that San Jose City College is a safe and welcoming place for everyone to learn and grow. We will continue to fulfill this commitment by demonstrating as well as defending our campus values of opportunity, equity, and social justice.

I want to remind everyone of the following campus services that can provide you with valuable information and assistance:

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:  Rm.  SC-204; Phone:  408-288-3751.

ALMASS: Advocacy for Latin@ Migrant Access Support and Services (located in the Counseling Department), 408-298-2181, x3168; Olga Morales-Anaya x3902; or Valentin Garcia, x3804.

Thank you and I look forward to continuing to engage the entire campus community as we work together to address the changing needs of our students, faculty and staff while celebrating the strength and diversity of our multicultural community.



San Jose City College


San Jose City College Named One of the NATION'S Top 25 Colleges for Latinos. 

SAN JOSE, Calif., – Latino Magazine, a national publication based in Austin, Texas, has named San José City College (SJCC) one of the country's top 25 colleges for Latinos. The publication cited SJCC as a "world-class institution" located in the heart of Silicon Valley, known around the world as the center for innovation in technology and research.

SJCC, the only community college, in California, represented on the list, was accompanied by other reputable institutions such as  Stanford University, UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC Davis.

"Our mission is to serve our region as a whole and prepare students to capitalize on the extraordinary career opportunities in the Silicon Valley," said SJCC President Byron Clift Breland. "We are proud to be recognized among such prestigious institutions, especially for our service to our Latino students and community, who comprise such a large segment of the Silicon Valley's population, yet far too small a proportion of corporate suites and Board rooms. Our faculty and staff are determined to see that change by providing career training and opportunities to those who have historically lacked such access and, in the process, pave the way for greater equity in our region's economy."

As one of the oldest community colleges in California, SJCC has served as an invaluable stepping stone for hundreds of thousands of South Bay residents aiming to further their educational and career goals. By offering a number of degree and certificate programs, as well as a pipeline to four-year universities, SJCC has helped fuel Silicon Valley's economy by providing locally grown and trained workers to support each successive wave of technological innovation.

To see the full list of Top 25 schools for Latinos, visit:



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SJCC Accreditation Reaffirmed Accreditation ReaffirmedSan José City College (SJCC), received reaffirmation of their accreditation status for 18 months based on a comprehensive evaluation by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC).
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