Caminos Summer Bridge & FYE
​​​Caminos Summer Bridge

Caminos Summer Bridge and First Year Experience (FYE) supports incoming students making the transition from high school to San Jose City College. Caminos provides an opportunity for students to begin the first year of college by completing the foundational course during Summer Bridge while learning to navigate college life. Students continue their Caminos experience through FY E with a team of counselors, instructors, and peers to guide students beyond the first year of college and through graduation. Upon completion of the first year, students will have clear expectations of the quality and quantity of work required to successfully complete college.


You will be enrolled in one of four courses: English, Reading, Intermediate Algebra, or Beginning Algebra. You will attend lecture Monday through Thursday for one of these courses.  


Free lunch will be provided daily to all students in the program and is scheduled at the same time daily.


Guidance 97 is a .5 unit course known as “Orientation to College” at San Jose City College. Students develop skills including goal setting, identification of college facilities and resources, and the understanding of policies, programs, and course offerings.


Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic program that uses peer-assisted workshops. Students will learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together in a small group setting.


Study Café provides a space for students to work collectively and with the support of their academic instructors and SI leaders to complete homework or participate in workshops to support their academic achievement. 

Summer Bridge Weekly Schedule

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2018 Summer Bridge Calendar​​​​​​​

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Yesenia Escobar, METAS Program Specialist
Hello, my name is Yesenia Escobar and a Counselor for the Metas Program. If you have any questions about how you can join our Metas Family and be part of the Caminos Summer Bridge Program at San Jose City College feel free to contact me. I am committed to support you in your transition to higher education. ​

Yesenia Escobar
Academic Counselor
​(408) 288-3164​

Meet The Rest of Our Team: 
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Metas Center
​Multi-Disciplinary Building
Room M-104​
​(408) 288-3125​​​

Alex Lopez  
Academic Counselor​
(408) 288-3124 ​​

Angela Gullerud 

Program​ Coordinator
​(408) 288-3125

Robert Gutierrez 

​Director, Metas Program
​(408) 288-3104​ ​​

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