Alcohol and Drug Studies

​​​​​​​​​Alcohol and Drug Studies Department

As a student in the Alcohol and Drug Studies program you will prepare to work with the alcohol and other drug dependent population, and the family and employer of the chemically dependent person. The program addresses community needs for trained alcohol and other drug specialists to work and volunteer in both public and private agencies in the Bay Area and across the State of California.


Career opportunities in this field include:

    • Primary Addiction Counselor/Supervisor​
    • Case Manager
    • Program Director
    • Prevention Educator
    • Co-occcurring Rehabilitation​ Counselor
    • Crisis Intervention Specialist
    • Criminal Justice Addiction Counselor
    • Assessment/Placement Specialist


Other opportunities include working with adolescents, seniors, multicultural populations, and those who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. Students who are awarded a certificate may be employed by:

    • In-patient and out-patient treatment clinics
    • Mental health clinics
    • Job training/placement programs
    • Shelters for various homeless populations
    • Detoxification units
    • Crisis intervention centers
    • Criminal justice programs
    • DUI programs
    • Education/prevention programs in schools and community


Certificate of Achievement-Level 2
A.A. in Alcohol and Drug Studies
A.S. in Alcohol and Drug 
StudiesAddiction and Criminial Justice CertificateLicensed Advanced Addiction Counseling CertificateIntegrated Behavioral Health CertificateSubstance Use Prevention CertificatePeer Mentor Certificate (Fall 2018) 

Peer Mentor Certificate (Fall 2018) ​​​Guid085 Blueprint for Success​ADS 070 - Introduction to Chemical DependencyADS 074 Ethics and Personal and Professional GrowthADS 138 Work Experience ADS 90 Peer Advocacy and WellnessADS 78 Integrated Behavioral Health
ADS Certificate - CCAPP TRA​CKADS 070-Introduction to Chemical Dependency
ADS 071-Pharmacology/Physiology of Addiction
ADS 072-Codependency & Family Dynamics
ADS 073-Case Management
ADS 074-Ethics and Personal and Professional Growth
ADS 075-Individual, Family, Group Counseling
ADS 075A - Counseling​ Theories and Skills (Fall, 2018)
ADS 076-Law and Prevention: Community Response
ADS 079 - Group Dynamics (Fall, 2018)ADS 077A-Supervised Practicum A
ADS 077B-Supervised Practicum B

LAADC Certificate - Master's Level ONLYADS 170 - LAADC Introduction to Chemical DependencyADS 171 - LAADC Pharmacology of Addiction
ADS 172- LAADC Codependency and Family Dynamics
ADS 173- LAADC Case Management
ADS 174-LAADC Ethics and Personal and Professional Growth
ADS 175A - LAADC Counseling Theories and Skills (Fall 2018)ADS 176-LAADC Law and Prevention: Community Response
ADS 177A-LAADC Supervised Practicum A
ADS 177B-LAADC Supervised Practicum B
ADS 138 - Work Experience
Addiction and Criminial Justice Certificate

 ​ADS 080 Addiction and Criminal Justice                                                   ​ADS 081 Criminal Justice System and Process for the Addicted  Offender                                                                                                      ADS 082 Co-occurring Disorders in the Addicted Offender Population   ADS 083 Treatment Issues and Interventions for the Addicted Offender ​

Integrated Behavioral​ Health

 Psychology 010   General Psychology                                                     ADS 070              ​ Introduction to Chemical Dependency                       ADS 074               Ethics and Personal and Professional Growth           Psych 099            ​Abnormal Psychology                                                   Psych 031            Biological Psychology                                                   ADS 075              Individual, family Group Counseling                           ADS 075A (Fall 2018) Counseling Theories and Skills                           ADS 072              Codependency and Family Dynamics                       ADS 078              Integrated Behavioral Health                                       ADS 073              Case management​


  Substance Use Prevention Certificate

Substance Use Prevention Certificate


Introduction to Chemical Dependency


Pharmacology of Addiction                                                       ​ ADS 074 Ethics and Personal Professional Growth

  ADS085  and

Substance Use Prevention Program Evaluation

  ADS086  and

Prevention Education and Service Delivery

  ADS087  and

Community Organization and Communication       


  ADS​088  and

Public and Organizational Policy Development

  ADS089  and

Overview of Core Functions of Addiction Treatment

  ADS077A  ​

Supervised Practicum A


Work Experience

L​earning Outcomes

    •  De​monstrate competent performance of the Twelve Core Functions and Global Criteria in their Supervised Practicum placements, evidenced by written supervisor review in both Supervised Practicum A and B.
    • By the completion of the Alcohol and Drug Studies Program, students will clearly identify themselves as professional counselors, committed to the CADAC Ethical standards as evidenced by completion of the Ethics and Professional Developmental course, and the signed Ethics Code submitted in the Supervised Practicum A and B course.
    • Analyze and describe the physiological and pharmacological aspects of substance abuse and dependence. This includes how drugs affect different body system, cause side effects, and impacts the community as a whole.
    • Demonstrate the ability to competently conduct and follow a client from the point of program entry to discharge, and complete all treatment planning and case management connected to that case.


Mary Cook

Faculty, Alcohol & Drug Studies

(408) 448-0333​​​


Certification and Licensing is obtained through the California Corsortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP) and the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Educators (CAADE).  Visit their websites for more information



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