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Welcome to the Laser Technology Program at San Jose City College where you will be able to learn the skills that employers are looking
for in the Laser Technology field.


Our program is vital and relevant because it is continuously
updated based on industry standards and in cooperation with our Advisory and Curriculum Committee chaired by Dr. Norman Hodgson of Coherent Inc.

Emphasis is placed on both theory and hands-on skills so you learn the vital link between engineers' "blueprints" and their real-world implementations. You will learn how to install, operate, maintain, and modify laser/electro-optic systems throughout the Laser Program.


Our SJCC Laser Technology students and graduates are highly sought after by labs and manufacturing firms in a variety of industries. Our
first semester open-entry course, Laser 100, is specifically designed to prepare you for an entry-level technician job with a starting salary in excess of $40,000 per year. We strongly encourage our students to graduate with their Laser Technology certificate and/or Associate degree for an even greater income and employability potential.


Companies on the cutting-edge of laser electro-optics technology like Spectra-Physics, Coherent, JDS Uniphase, New Focus, Lightwave Electronics, and Lawrence Livermore National Labs have employed and continue to seek our students and graduates for employment.


For more information on the Laser Technology program, please contact the Applied Science Division at (408) 288-3781 or  Sydney Sukuta at







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