Academic Requirements

CCCAA Eligibility

Academic Eligibility

(Adopted 4/2/15 effective 7/1/15)


Bylaw 1.3.1

In order to be eligible for non-conference, conference, and postconference competition, a student athlete must be continuously and actively enrolled and attending class in a minimum of 12 units at his/her California community college during the season of sport. Students dropping below 12 units are not eligible for competition until they are once again actively enrolled and attending class in at least 12 units.           


Eligibility for Continuing Competition

(Revised 4/2/15 effective 7/1/15)


Bylaw 1.6.1

Once a student competes in any scheduled game, meet, or match; as defined in Bylaw 1.15, the student must complete and pass 24-semester/36-quarter units to be eligible for  the second season of that sport.

(Adopted 4/4/14 effective 7/1/15) (Revised 4/2/15 effective 7/1/15)


Student athletes must complete at least 6 units (semester or quarter) during the preceding academic term in which the student is enrolled as a full-time student at the certifying institution with a cumulative 2.0 GPA beginning with their first semester/quarter of competition in that sport. The 24-semester/36-quarter units must be successfully completed at an accredited postsecondary institution(s). The 24-semester/36-quarter unit count begins with and includes the units taken during the first semester/quarter of competition for that sport and must be successfully completed prior to the beginning of the semester/quarter of the second season of sport


Of the 24-semester/36-quarter units to be completed, 18-semester/24-quarter units shall be in course work counting toward remediation, career technical education/certificate courses, associate degree requirements, transfer/general education, and/or lower division theoretical major preparation courses as defined by the college catalog and/or articulation agreements and be consistent with the student athlete's educational plan.

(Revised 4/2/15 effective 7/1/15)


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