Bond Measure X: Summer Construction


Summer is a busy time for Bond progress, check out all that will be happening on campus!

Expected Summer 2019 Construction


​31321 Parking Lot & Street Repair

Scope: Bollards, Fog Coat, Painting

Location: All parking lots, excluding lots H and J

Construction Continues: 5/10/19-9/18/19

​31114 Demolition and Site Prep for New CE

Scope: Abatement and Demolition

Location: Pool, Aux Gym, Women's Locker Room

Abatement & Demo: 4/16/19-8/8-19

31133 New Swing Space Project

Scope: Swing space for Maintenance and Operations staff and carpenter’s shop

Location: Building 100, Building 200

Construction: 5/21/19 - 7/29/19

31134 Storm Water Management Remediation

Scope: Bioswale system improvements

Location: Various.

Construction: 5/22/19 - 8/29/19

31135 Fume Hood and HVAC Upgrades

Scope: Repair and replace science building fume hoods and HVAC as necessary

Location: Science Building

Construction: 8/26/19 – 11/15/19

31152 Campus Wide Painting

Scope: Exterior paint of building and building components (handrails, etc.)

Location: Library, Theater & Drama Wing

Construction: 7/9/19 - 1/6/20

31155 Entrance Door Replacement

Scope: Replace entrance doors with automatic sliding doors

Location: Business, Theater & Drama, Library

Construction: 8/9/19 - 11/14/19

31158 Admissions and Records

Scope: New glass front to Admissions and Records Desks

Location: Student Center

Construction: 5/28/19 – 6/2/19

31151 Library Interior Upgrade

Scope: Remaining carpet and paint

Location: 1st floor of library

Construction 5/24/19 - 5/31/19

Scope: Carpet and paint

Location: 2nd floor of library

Construction: 6/1/19 - 6/7/19

Scope: Carpet and paint

Location: 3rd floor of library

Construction: 6/8/19 - 6/14/19


Spring Break 2019 Update

Spring Break 2019 Progress 

The Bond Team was busy while students and faculty were away during Spring Break 2019, here's a recap of some of the progress:


Library, First Floor:

Library, first floor construction progress 
The first floor of the Library was repainted, new carpet was put in - please enjoy the new look and feel of this important space!


Jaguar Sportx Complex: 
Spring19 Training Room Drainage

A new drain was installed in the Jaguar Sportx Complex training room to improve drainage around the cryopool.


Auxiliar Gym:

Auxiliar Gym abatement work.


Abatement of the auxiliary gym was completed, preparing the area for the upcoming demolition -- look for updates in Summer 2019 when multiple buildings will be coming down!



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