Master Plan & Bond Documentation

FACILITIES Master Plan & Bond Documentation

Thank you to all of our community members!

On behalf of SJCC, thank you for the strong vote of confidence in our District and in our College. You have passed two Proposition 39 general obligation bond measures for San José · Evergreen Community College District, Measure G-2004 and Measure G-2010. For more information about our bonds, ballot languages, and the Citizen’s Oversight Committee, please visit the District Website.

SJCC as part of the San Jose-Evergreen Community College District is required to maintain a Facilities & Educational Master plan outlining the future plans for the college. The current 2020 Educational master Plan and the 2025 Updated Facilities Master Plan are vital planning documents to govern the college's resources as we grow to meet the needs of our community and the Silicon Valley as whole. For more information about our SJCC Bond Projects, please see the documents below.  

For more information about the SJCC Bond, please contact the Vice President of Administrative Services.

For any construction related safety concerns, please email Jorge Escobar at
All other planning and bond documentation is available below and on the Committee Sites.


Campus View: Building Our college

Issue 1, May 2015

Issue 2, July 2015

Issue 3, August 2015

Issue 4, September 2015


Construction projects

Summer 2015 Construction Projects

CONSTRUCTION NOTICE - Project #31110-2 - Utilities Upgrade II (7/1/2015)

CONSTRUCTION NOTICE - Project #31126 - Ironworkers (7/1/2015)

CONSTRUCTION NOTICE - Project #31110-2 - Utilities Upgrade II (8/17-18/2015)

CONSTRUCTION NOTICE - Prop 39 Clean Energy - Light Upgrade (9/26-9/27/2015)

SJCC Site Traffic Plan - Bascom Avenue Gate Closed - (9/25-9/28/2015)

CONSTRUCTION NOTICE - Project #31110-2 - Utilities Upgrade II (10/14-23/2015)


CONSTRUCTION NOTICE - GE 204 BDF Remodel, GE 219-GE 209 Fiber Cable Install (12/21/15-1/4/16)

CONSTRUCTION NOTICE - Tech & Student Center Interior Upgrade (1/15/16)

Summary of SJCC Projects

Upcoming Projects

  • Prop 39 LED Exterior Lighting Upgrades Phase 2
  •  Renovate Jaguar Gym (Includes demolition of existing Auxiliary Gym, existing swimming pool, existing locker rooms and related site improvements)
  • Scheduled Maintenance (2016-2021)
  • District Wide Exterior Envelope Improvements- 2016
  • Science Center Interior Improvements- Phase 1 (2016)
  • Library/ Learning Center Interior Improvements (2017)
  • Career Technology Interior Improvements (2018)
  • Student Services Interior Improvements (2018)
  • Cosmetology Interior Improvements (2019)
  • Stadium Press Box Improvements (2019)
  • Tech Center Interior Improvements (2020)
  • Science Center Interior Improvements- Phase 2 (2021)


  • Utilities to New and Existing Buildings- Phase 2
  • IT and Tech Equipment - Hardware and wireless upgrades
  • Physical Education Building and Gymnasium
  • Campus Site Improvements
  • Landscape Master Plan
  • Site Lighting Improvements
  • Signage & Way finding
  • Walkway and Accessibility Improvements
  • South West Parking Lot Improvements
  • Campus Entrance Enhancements
  • Scheduled Maintenance 2015
  • GE HVAC Upgrades
  • District Wide Exterior Envelope Assessment
  • Door Hardware Upgrade and Replacement
  • District Wide Elevator Upgrades & Modernization
  • Electric Hand Dryer Installation Phase 1
  • Accessibility Upgrades


Completed Projects and Upgrades

Career Technology Education – Upgrades to 100 and 200 Buildings

Prop 39 LED Exterior Lighting Upgrades Phase 1

Physical Security Phase 1– (Pilot Program: Security Cameras and Emergency Phones)

Photo Lab Relocation and Renovation

Security Master Plan

Repurpose Former Boiler Plant

Campus Water System Mapping and Consolidation

Campus Site Improvements

      • Fencing Project
    • Interior upgrades in Student Center and Tech Center – Summer 2014
    • Athletic Fields Turf Replacement (2012)
    • Jaguar Gym Bleachers and Refinish Floor (2012)
    • HVAC & Plumbing Upgrades- Phase 1
    • Cosmetology Plumbing Repairs (2015)
    • Tech Center & Business Building Glass Replacement (2012)
    • Tech Center Card Reader (2012)
    • Restroom Accessibility Upgrades (2012)
    • North Parking Lot Rehabilitation (2012)
    • Student Services Painting Project (2012)
    • Chiller Upgrade Project (2013)
    • Jaguar Gym Roof Replacement & Exterior Paint (2013)
    • Tech Center & GE Building Painting Project (2013)
    • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Protection Upgrades (2013)
    • Tech Center & Student Center Interior Finish Upgrades (2014/15)
    • HVAC & Plumbing Upgrades Phase 2 (2014)


Become a Vendor!

Join the SJCC family by becoming a vendor and help our community, faculty, staff, and students achieve our dreams.

Interested in becoming a vendor?

Check out our District Bid Opportunities!

Opportunities might exist for your firm! Our district is an equal opportunity contractor and we welcome and encourage minority-owned, women-owned, and underrepresented-group-owned businesses to apply.

If you are interested, please contact purchasing directly:

Carlos Marques

Purchasing Agent

(408) 270-6431



Warranty Work - Tech & Student Center Interior Upgrades Notice 1-15-16.pdfWarranty Work - Tech & Student Center Interior Upgrades(1)
BOT Meeting Minutes - August 14, 2012 Meeting Minutes - August 14, 2012Bond Support Documentation
CBOC Annual Report Annual ReportBond Support Documentation
Jaguar Gym Roof Bid Summary Gym Roof Bid SummaryBond Support Documentation
Jaguar Gym Roof Contract Gym Roof ContractBond Support Documentation
Joni Janecki Site Improvements Contract Janecki Site Improvements ContractBond Support Documentation
March Wong Agreement - MAC & Votech Wong Agreement - MAC & VotechBond Support Documentation
Photo Lab Relocation Lab RelocationBond Support Documentation
Preconstruction Services Agreement - Kitchell Services Agreement - KitchellBond Support Documentation
SJECCD Board Presentation 2012 Board Presentation 2012Bond Support Documentation
SJECCD Board Report - May 31, 2012 Board Report - May 31, 2012Bond Support Documentation
SJECCD Resolution - 08-14-12 Resolution - 08-14-12Bond Support Documentation
Landscape Study and Sustainable Choices MP_2014-04-21_rev1.pdfLandscape Study and Sustainable ChoicesFacilities Committee Resources
SJCC Landscape - Proposed Improvements - DRAFT (04-21-2014) Landscape_Proposed Improvements_DRAFT_rev 2014-04-21.pdfSJCC Landscape - Proposed Improvements - DRAFT (04-21-2014)Facilities Committee Resources
Certified Arborist Report - Preliminary Arborist Tree Survey - Preliminary.pdfCertified Arborist Report - PreliminaryMaster Planning Documentation
Construction Careers Agreement Careers AgreementMaster Planning Documentation
Measure G Construction Careers Agreement Amendment #1 G Construction Careers Agreement Amendment #1Master Planning Documentation
San Jose City College Environmental Impact Report Jose City College Environmental Impact ReportMaster Planning Documentation
Total Costs of Ownership Calculations and Worksheets by Building Costs of Ownership Calculations and Worksheets by BuildingMaster Planning Documentation

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