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​​​Get involved at sjcc!

  • ​Make friends, memories, and a difference.
  • Learn more about yourself, your area of study, and your future. 
  • Develop your leadership, résumé, and transfer application.  

Choose to have the college experience of a lifetime and check out tons of unique opportunities to get involved at SJCC! 

There are always exciting events happening at SJCC. Check out our events calendar and join us!

Tips on Getting Involved

Involvement with Intention!

Explore many opportunities at SJCC. Find something that feeds your soul, passion, faith, or culture, or something that feeds your career, or helps you discover a subject you would like to learn more about.

Know your Priorities!

Getting involved should always come after self, family, school, work, etc.

Stay in Balance!

Use your calendar wisely and be sure to make time for everything in your life, including unstructured time, then consider getting involved in a way that works for you. It’s OK to ask if events are kid-friendly and make it a family affair. You get out of it what you put into it.

Have fun!


Your Student Government

SJCC is your college and the Associated Students (AS) organization is your representative voice on issues affecting the entire student body at SJCC.  Visit the Associated Student Government Page for more information.

Participatory Governance

Many of the important decisions and work of San Jose City College are accomplished through committees made up of faculty, staff, and
students.  Your voice is important at these tables!  Check out our committees and contact to get involved.     


Becoming a tutor is a great way to connect with and help your fellow students while sharpening your skills as a scholar and leader. If you’re interested in becoming a tutor, visit any of the links below and learn how to get started.


Jaguar Athletics

Participate in Jaguar Athletics as an athlete or as a fan. It’s always a great time!

Choosing SJCC

See why SJCC is your college of choice!

Visit Us

Conveniently located in San Jose, we invite you to come see us and get a feel for all that we have to offer.  The friendly and helpful Student Ambassadors at the Welcome and Information Center, located within the Student Center, are more than happy to help you navigate campus and answer any questions. 

Feel free to call (408) 288-3708 to assist with questio​ns about your visit.

Feel free to call the Welcome and Information Center at (408)288-3708. We are here to assist you with any questions.

Student Planner

SJCC Student Planner 2016-17

​​​​​​​​Leadership academy


The Leadership Academy is a thoughtfully designed and curated collection of personal development opportunities offered for the self-directed growth of SJCC students to become leaders in and beyond college. It is also a community of leaders who are committed to the same cause.

Current areas of focus include

    • leadership
    • social justice
    • diversity: ability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status
    • professional development
    • violence prevention
    • health and wellness
    • civic engagement

Leadership Academy Membership

Students are encouraged to take part in as many sessions as they wish and those who have completed 3 sessions or more will be considered as members of the Leadership Academy.

Benefits of membership include certificate of completion, letters of reference, inclusion in future session offerings, exclusive events, and optional listing on the SJCC website.

Leadership Academy Proposals

Hosting a seminar or workshop?  Know of a great opportunity for students?  We are always looking to add more offerings to the Academy!  Contact with details.

Calendar of Academy Events 

Below is a current listing of designed and curated Leadership Academy opportunities.  Please check back often as new opportunities are posted as they become available!


9/20/16 - Exploring Leadership

Synopsis:  Being a leader begins with knowing who you are and understanding your contribution to your community and your society.

Presented by: Dr. Byron Clift Breland

2-3pm @ M 302


10/11/16 - What's Your Type? Learning Your MBTI Type

Synopsis:  There are so many ways to understand the complexities of ourselves ​and others.  Learn your Myers-Briggs type and gain a new perspective on life, love, and work. 

Presented by: Blake Balajadia

2-3pm @ M 302

10/20/16 - Consent Is Sexy

Synopsis:  Not understanding how to give and get consent for sexual contact can be not only awkward, but can also lead to criminal consequences.  Learn how you can keep on the right side of consent.

Presented by: Blake Balajadia

1:30-2:30pm @ Student Center 204​

10/25/16 - Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Presented by: Elizabeth Eckford

2-3pm @ M 302


11/7/16 - Effective Time Managment

Presented by: Lezra Chenportillo

2-3p​m @ M 302

11/8/16 - Good Communication

Presented by: Communication Club & Shelley Giacalone

2-3p​m @ M 302


12/6/16 - Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Presented by: Cemone Cowart and Juan Garcia

2-3pm @ M 302


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