Program Review 2013-2014

As a key component to SJCC’s Integrated Planning Process, all instructional, student, and administrative areas are required to go through the Comprehensive Program Review cycle.  This cycle constitutes four years and is marked by Annual Program Reviews and a larger Comprehensive Program Review in the fourth year.  



Student Affairs Annual program Review 2012-2013 Affairs Annual program Review 2012-2013.pdfStudent Affairs Annual program Review 2012-2013Program Review 2012-2013
Academic Affairs Affairs_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfAcademic AffairsProgram Review 2013-2014
Accounting and Business PRv 2013-14.pdfAccounting and BusinessProgram Review 2013-2014
Adaptive Physical Education PE_Comp PRv Final 2013-14.pdfAdaptive Physical EducationProgram Review 2013-2014
Administration of Justice of Justice_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfAdministration of JusticeProgram Review 2013-2014
Admissions and Records and Records_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfAdmissions and RecordsProgram Review 2013-2014
Air Conditioning Conditioning_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfAir ConditioningProgram Review 2013-2014
Alcohol and Drug Studies and Drug Studies_Annual PRv 13-14.pdfAlcohol and Drug StudiesProgram Review 2013-2014
Antholopoly PRv 2013-14.pdfAntholopolyProgram Review 2013-2014
Articulation Program PRv 2013-14.pdfArticulation ProgramProgram Review 2013-2014
Assessment PRv 2013_14.pdfAssessmentProgram Review 2013-2014
Athletics PRv Final 2013-14.pdfAthleticsProgram Review 2013-2014
Avanzamos PRv 2013-14.pdfAvanzamosProgram Review 2013-2014
Basketball - Men - Men Program Review 2013-14.pdfBasketball - MenProgram Review 2013-2014
Basketball - Women - Women Program Review 2013-14.pdfBasketball - WomenProgram Review 2013-2014
Biology PRv 2013-14.pdfBiologyProgram Review 2013-2014
Business Services Services_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfBusiness ServicesProgram Review 2013-2014
CARR Program PRv 2013-14.pdfCARR ProgramProgram Review 2013-2014
CTSS Comprehensive Review PRv Final 2013-14.pdfCTSS Comprehensive ReviewProgram Review 2013-2014
CalWorks PRv 2013-14.pdfCalWorksProgram Review 2013-2014
Career Transfer Center Center_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfCareer Transfer CenterProgram Review 2013-2014
Chemistry Comprehensive Review PRv Final 2013-14.pdfChemistry Comprehensive ReviewProgram Review 2013-2014
Communications Studies Studies_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfCommunications StudiesProgram Review 2013-2014
Computer Applications and Computer Information Systems PRv Final 2013-14_In Progress.pdfComputer Applications and Computer Information SystemsProgram Review 2013-2014
Computer Lab Computer Lab_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfComputer LabProgram Review 2013-2014
Construction Technology Tech_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfConstruction TechnologyProgram Review 2013-2014
Cosmetology PRV 2013-14.pdfCosmetologyProgram Review 2013-2014
Counseling Orientation Comprehensive Review Orientation_Comp PRV Final 2013-14.pdfCounseling Orientation Comprehensive ReviewProgram Review 2013-2014
Cross Country - Men Country - Men Program Review 2013-14.pdfCross Country - MenProgram Review 2013-2014
Cross Country - Women Country - Women Program Review 2013-14.pdfCross Country - WomenProgram Review 2013-2014
Dance _Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfDanceProgram Review 2013-2014
Dental Assisting Assisting_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfDental AssistingProgram Review 2013-2014
Disability Support Program and Services PRv 2013-14.pdfDisability Support Program and ServicesProgram Review 2013-2014
EOP&S and CARE PRv 2013-14.pdfEOP&S and CAREProgram Review 2013-2014
Early Childhood Education PRv 2013-14.pdfEarly Childhood EducationProgram Review 2013-2014
Economics Comprehensive Report PRv Final 2013-2014.pdfEconomics Comprehensive ReportProgram Review 2013-2014
Emergency Medical Services PRv 2013-14.pdfEmergency Medical ServicesProgram Review 2013-2014
English PRv 2013-14.pdfEnglishProgram Review 2013-2014
English and a Second Language Comprehensive Review PRv Final 2013-14.pdfEnglish and a Second Language Comprehensive ReviewProgram Review 2013-2014
Ethnic Studies Studies_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfEthnic StudiesProgram Review 2013-2014
Facilities Maintenance PRv 2013-14.pdfFacilities MaintenanceProgram Review 2013-2014
Facilities Services Services_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfFacilities ServicesProgram Review 2013-2014
Financial Aid Aid_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfFinancial AidProgram Review 2013-2014
Fine Arts Arts_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfFine ArtsProgram Review 2013-2014
Football Program Review 2013-14.pdfFootballProgram Review 2013-2014
Geography PRv 2013-14.pdfGeographyProgram Review 2013-2014
Global Studies Studies_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfGlobal StudiesProgram Review 2013-2014
Golf program review 2013-14.pdfGolfProgram Review 2013-2014
Health Services Services_Annual PRv 2013-14.pdfHealth ServicesProgram Review 2013-2014
History Comprehensive Review PRv Final 2013-14.pdfHistory Comprehensive ReviewProgram Review 2013-2014

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