College Strategic Planning

College Strategic Planning

San Jose City College is committed to our students and to effecting social justice while providing access to our educational programs and facilities. To fulfill our mission and vision, we engage in a detailed college strategic planning process. Our current strategic plan spans from 2011-2016. The strategic planning process is reviewed on a yearly basis based on our strategic planning timeline to ensure that we are progressing towards our goals. The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for the yearly review and maintaining our college’s commitment to our goals. Below are six strategic goals that we expect to meet by 2016.

For a copy of our SJCC Strategic Plan, please click below or download here.

Goal 1: Student Success

Regularly evaluate all academic programs and student services and determine how well they promote student success and specifically how they will be improved to increase student retention rates and to close existing achievement gaps.


Goal 2: Partnerships

Support the educational, health, environmental, cultural and economic development of the San Jose community through the expansion and documented effectiveness of community partnerships ventures and college outreach programs.


Goal 3: Professional Development

Provide continuous professional development for all personnel associated with the college by offering a year round calendar of training activities, including using student success data and the adoption of new learning systems and methods to improve student – learning and student services outcomes.


Goal 4: Cultural Competence

Support the District values of access, equity and social justice by promoting appreciation for and understanding of diverse races and cultures, including the expansion of the diversity of college personnel and cross – cultural curricula as well as the increased participation in ethnic/cultural events and international student enrollment.


Goal 5: Campus Safety

Promote and maintain an accessible, clean, safe and healthy campus environment through continuous engagement of students and college personnel in emergency preparedness, campus safety, environmental sustainability and stewardship of resources.


Goal 6: Resource Development

Improve the capacity of the college to increase the margin of academic excellence and student success through additional grants development, scholarships and corporate partnerships.


These 6 strategic goals correspond to Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that SJCC has established to measure each goal. You can download the KPI here.

Resource Allocation

The college participates in a zero-based resource allocation model every year. The Finance Committee holds budget hearings every spring for the next fiscal year's budget allocations. For more information about the resource planning and the allocation model click here.



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