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Welcome to the Academic Senate!

As part of the SJCC governance process, the Academic Senate represents faculty in all academic and professional matters. We also share responsibility for the development of District policies with the Associated Students, the administration, classified staff, and employee unions. All staff and students are welcome to attend our meetings.

Academic Senate Faculty Representatives

Executive Committee

Alejandro Lopez, PresidentJose Cabrera, Vice PresidentPhilip Crawford, TreasurerChris Frazier, At LargeHeather Jellison, At LargeJesus Covarrubias, Past President

Area 1 - Applied Sciences


Area 2- Arts/Humanities

Judith Bell, Art

AREA 3 - Natural Sciences

Iyun Lazik, Natural Sciences

Area 4 – Business

Kidane Sengal, Business

Area 5 – Library/LRC

Robert Wing,Library

Area 6 – Counseling & Health Sciences

Carlos Chavez, Counseling 

Area 7 – EOP&S/CARE, Calworks, DSPS

Olga Morales-Anaya, EOP&S

Area 8 – Language Arts

Michael Berke, FrenchHeather Jellison, Language Arts 

Area 9 – Physical Education/Athletics

Nicolas Fraire, Kinesiology/PE

Area 10 – Mathematics

Patricia Solano, Mathematics

Area 11 – Service Careers

Jagrup Kahlon, Medical Assisting

Area 12 – Social Science

Jesus Covarrubias, Ethnic Studies

Full-Time At Large

Jose Cabrera, Chemistry

Guillermo Castilla, Physics

Chris Frazier, Mathematics

Rachel Hagan, Counseling

Alejandro Lopez, METAS    

Part-Time At Large

William Carlson, Chemistry

Philip Crawford, Social Science

Kathleen Haven, ESL

Dennis Meakin, CTE


IPCC Chair (Ex-officio, non-voting)

IPCC Chair

Mission of the Academic Senate

Academic Senate Description

On July 7, 1964, the Board of Trustees of the San Jose/Evergreen  Community College District  authorized the establishment of an academic senate at San Jose City College. Our Senate became operative during the Fall of 1964.


The San Jose City College Academic Senate represents faculty in all academic and professional matters. As provided by The California  Educational Code, Title V, and District Policy, the District’s Governing Board normally accepts all recommendations from the Academic Senate regarding such matters as curriculum, accreditation, professional development, and program review. In other words, the Academic Senate, actually shares in the governance of our district in the case of academic and professional matters.


The Senate also shares responsibility for the development of all  other District policies with the Associated Students, the administration, classified staff, and employee unions.The Senate appoints all faculty members to the District committees and task forces, exclusive of collective bargaining committees.The Academic Senate normally meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 2:10 pm in the Community Conference Room, SC204. All staff and students are invited to attend our meetings.


Academic Senate Mission Statement

The Academic Senate represents the professional and academic interests  of the full-time and part-time faculty of San Jose City College. In this capacity the senate acts as the official voice of the faculty and is empowered to represent the faculty to the administration and to the  district governing board.In particular, Californiastate education code stipulates eleven areas in which faculty through their senates are to be “consulted with collegially,” if not “relied on primarily,” in setting policy and district goals and objectives. Rely primarily upon the Senate for:
1. Curriculum, including establishing prerequisites and placing courses within disciplines
2. Degree and certificate requirements
3. Grading policies
4. Educational program development
5. Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success
6. District and college governance structure, as related to faculty roles
7. Faculty roles and involvement in accreditation process, including self-study and annual reports
8. Policies for faculty professional development Consult collegial with the Senate for:
9.   Process for program review
10. Process for institutional planning and budget development
11. Other academic professional matters as mutually agreed upon between the Governing Board and the Academic Senate.


This list includes matters that clearly get to the heart of our mission as a community college and our role as faculty. And, as the eleventh item clearly indicates, this list is not exhaustive. Also of interest and importance to faculty is the Senate’s right and responsibility to appoint faculty representatives to district and campus committees – including tenure review committees.This insures that the faculty is represented by representatives of its choice, but it also demands that faculty members are willing to serve.

Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution and Bylaws Ground Rules

Print or copy Ground Rules here

Function of Senate:
The main function of the Academic Senate is that of faculty participation in the review and development of policies in all academic and professional matters.

Meeting Time:
The Academic Senate shall meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month during the academic year, at 2:10 p.m. in the College Conference Room.

Length of Time:
The Senate will meet for approximately two hours, during which time an effort will be made to cover all agenda items.

Agenda Items:
Agenda items will be in the following order and labeled as:

DISCUSSION/ACTION ITEMS: Senators discuss the topic and either refer the item to their constituencies for input, vote in accordance with instructions from respective areas, or vote as each Senator sees fit.

REPORTS: The Senate President or his/her proxy will report on the regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meetings and other meetings as needed. "REPORTS" may also include update information from the Faculty Association and committees. Committee reports are placed on the agenda when a representative of the committee, (preferably the Chairperson), will attend the Senate meeting to present the information.

INFORMATION ITEMS: This section will list documents placed in Senate folders regarding conferences and workshops, memos, letters, news articles, or other items of interest to the Senate membership.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: This section will list information regarding campus events, or resource materials, which are available in the Senate Office for faculty perusal.

Agenda Closing:
Items need to be submitted to the Academic Senate Office by the
WEDNESDAY preceding an Academic Senate meeting. Agenda items should be accompanied by written supporting information. It is advised that the initiator submit a draft resolution for review and possible revision by Senate members regarding the recommended action.

Qualifications for Agenda Items:
The President and/or Vice President of the Academic Senate will
determine items to be included on the Senate agenda. If an item is
rejected, a memo explaining the reason for the rejection will be sent to the person submitting the agenda item. If the person objects to these rejections, the Academic Senate, as a whole, will then determine whether the item should be placed on the agenda. If the Academic Senate, by majority vote, rejects an item on the agenda, it will be removed.

Debate on Discussion/Action:
The initiator of an item will present background information to the
Senate, and Senators will be allowed to ask questions of the initiator.
The President of the Academic Senate will use his/her discretion in
limiting the time spent on debate.

Committee Appointments:
Committee appointments can take place at the same meeting during which the item is presented in order to expedite action.Conduct of
Items that come to the Senate may be controversial or emotional in
content. In any case, professional conduct and courtesy is expected from Senators and meeting guests when expressing individual views.

Senate Office:
The Academic Senate office is located in Room SC-214 in the Student Center Building.

Phone extensions:

3916 - Academic Senate President
3917 - Secretary



SU17 FA17 Academic Calendar FA 17 Academic Calendar.pdfSU17 FA17 Academic CalendarAcademic Calendar
A. Agenda - May 15, 2018 SENATE AGENDA MAY 15 2018.pdfA. Agenda - May 15, 2018Academic Senate Agendas
B. Agenda - May 1, 2018 SENATE AGENDA MAY 1 2018.pdfB. Agenda - May 1, 2018Academic Senate Agendas
C. Agenda - April 3, 2018 SENATE AGENDA APRIL 3 2018.pdfC. Agenda - April 3, 2018Academic Senate Agendas
A. Approved Minutes - May 1, 2018 Minutes_May 1, 2018.pdfA. Approved Minutes - May 1, 2018Academic Senate Approved Minutes
B. Approved Minutes - April 17, 2018 Minutes_April 17, 2018.pdfB. Approved Minutes - April 17, 2018Academic Senate Approved Minutes
C. Approved Minutes - April 3, 2018 Minutes_April 3, 2018.pdfC. Approved Minutes - April 3, 2018Academic Senate Approved Minutes
Academic Senate By Laws Laws_adopted spr 2015.pdfAcademic Senate By LawsAcademic Senate Documents
Academic Senate Constitution Constitution_adopted April 22 2014.pdfAcademic Senate ConstitutionAcademic Senate Documents
Academic Senate Ground Rules Senate Ground Rules.pdfAcademic Senate Ground RulesAcademic Senate Documents
Academic Senate Mission of the Academic Senate.pdfAcademic Senate MissionAcademic Senate Documents
Academic Senate Newsletter Current Issue Newsletter_Issue_4_2016.pdfAcademic Senate Newsletter Current IssueAcademic Senate Documents
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BOGFW Resolution Re: Action Suspension_fall 2015 Resolution_suspension1_fall 2015.pdfBOGFW Resolution Re: Action Suspension_fall 2015Academic Senate Resolutions
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