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Campus Technology Support and Services (CTSS)

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Campus Technology Support and Services (CTSS)  Campus Technology Support and Services (CTSS) provides support to students, staff, and faculty at San Jose City College. CTSS can assist you with software installation requests, equipment requests, repair or work requests, video conference requests, and your webpage. The CTSS Department uses a work order system to address the technical needs of the college. 

 We support Students by:

  • Maintaining technology in the classrooms throughout the college
  • Enabling and supporting our SJCC instructors
  • Keeping labs and student computers fully functional

We support Faculty and Staff by:       

  • Assisting with equipment repairs
  • Installing approved software
  • Setting up audio visual equipment for special  events        
  • Assisting with software and technology compatibility upgrades
  • Assisting with all technology related issues     
  • Renting laptops through the library    
  • Renting IPad adapters (VGA to projector) through the library
For all requests, please call or email the Help Desk. A technician will assist you as soon as possible. For frequently asked questions and IT

instructions for faculty and staff please visit the ITSS website.

1. You must be a staff/faculty member in one of the departments of San Jose City College to checkout any equipment.

2. San Jose City College Campus Technical Support & Services is not responsible for loss of data or other damage to files, video, and audio that may occur due to use of the media equipment or computer.

3. All data will be deleted from the computer upon its return. Should you wish to save your work, you must back up your files onto your own media.


1. You must adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in licensing agreements including licensing grant restrictions, copyright restrictions, and transfer restrictions. For example, you may not copy software for personal use.

2. All equipment checked out is for Academic Use Only.

3. You must adhere to acceptable use policies for uniform access computing as outlined by the SJECCD.


1. You are responsible and liable for the equipment should it be lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear while checked out. Should you permit others to use the equipment; you retain sole responsibility and liability. All equipment is insured, however, deductibles are substantial, and should insurance deny the claim to pay for the equipment, you shall bear the cost for full replacement or repair costs.

2. You understand that if any equipment that is checked out is stolen or is suspected to be stolen, you must immediately notify the San Jose City Campus Technical Support & Services staff at (408) 288-3770 and/or You must also file a theft report with the SJCC Police Department. Equipment returned late will incur penalties and subject to consideration on your next request.

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