Professional Development

​Professional Development Committee

​Guiding Principle

The guiding principle of the Professional Development Committee is to have positive influence on the quality of instruction and services offered to students.


To offer and enhance opportunities that promote the training and professional development of faculty, classified, supervisory and administrative personnel.

To plan and recommend activities to the College President for approval.


Committee members are expected to represent general institutional interest beyond the interests of their disciplines, divisions, or special interests.

The faculty members should represent a variety of departments across the campus. The Professional Development Committee will consist of the following:

  • 4 faculty appointed by the Academic Senate
  • 3 Classified appointed by CSEA
  • 2 Administrators or Supervisors appointed by the College President

The Professional Development Committee members will elect the chair.


Establish and implement a procedure at allocate staff development funds. Any changes in procedures that apply to the faculty will be submitted to the Academic Senate for approval prior to implementation.

Offer professional development opportunities.

Plan professional development days' activities for the campus.

Conduct professional development needs and surveys.

Assess and improve professional development activities.

Operating Requirements        

Agendas and minutes shall be posted and available.

Committee actions should reflect a majority vote by quorum of the members.

Meetings will be held on at least on a monthly basis throughout the academic year.

Meetings are open to all members of the college community.

Revised 11/2014


Committee Composition

MSC Representatives

Elaine Burns, Vice-President of Academic Affairs

Duncan Graham, Vice-President of  Student Affairs

Keiko Kimura, Dean of Language Arts

Faculty Representatives

Celia Cruz-Johnson, Reading Faculty & Committee Chair

Heather Jellison, ESL Faculty

Dorothy Pucay, ESL Faculty

Classified Representatives

Maria Avalos, Student Affairs

Bunnie Rose, Academic Affairs

Sandra Gonzalez, Academic Affairs
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