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(Rev 09/2014)

 The Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee (SLOAC), as a standing committee of the Academic Senate, is charged with:

¨  Developing procedures related to Institutional, Program, and Course SLOs, their assessment and reporting of same

¨  Providing guidance and support to faculty and staff in the development of SLOs and SLO assessment tools at the course and program levels, as well as in aligning SLOs across the three levels: course, program and institutional, as well as Service Area Outcomes

¨  Organizing professional development activities related to SLO assessment

¨  Organizing and implementing a plan to assess Institutional SLOs for the college

¨ Coordinating with Division Deans and administrative staff to review and maintain processes, and ensure current practices are relevant, meaningful and appropriately linked to the Program Review Process


Faculty, staff, and administrator from instruction and student services.


Meeting Schedule

All a re welcome to attend.

 Spring 2018  Meeting Dates

​​​ Date Time Location
January 31, 2018
February 14, 20181:30-3:00GE-101
February 28, 20181:30-3:00GE-101
March 14, 20181:30-3:00GE-101
March 28, 20181:30-3:00GE-101
April 11, 20181:30-3:00GE-101
April 25, 20181:30-3:00GE-101
May 9, 2018
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Committee Members

2017-18 ​​

Faculty Representatives

Michael Berke (Committee Chair)
French/Reading Faculty

​Meiko Daire, Counselor​ & Student Services Coordinator

Barry del Buono, Social Sciences Faculty & Coordinator

Jeffrey Austin, Humanities & Social Sciences Faculty

Kim Loan Nguyen, Chemistry Faculty

Dorothy Pucay, ESL Faculty


MSC Representatives

Celia Cruz-Johnson (Dean, Language Arts)

Joyce Lui (Dean, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness)

Classified Representatives

Kristin Ruano
(Curriculum Specialist)



2014 & 2015

Fall 2014 & Spring 2015 Meeting Agendas & Notes

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