Strategic Planning

​​​​Planning & Institutional Effectiveness


To ensure that the college's strategic planning process is sound, collaborative, evidence-based, and sustainable; and that the Strategic Plan guides decision-making and activities that support improvement of institutional effectiveness and student learning and success. This purpose is consistent with the Sustainable Continuous Quality Improvement level in the Accrediting Commission's planning rubric which includes the following criteria:


  • The institution uses ongoing and systematic evaluation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and planning to refine its key processes and improve student learning. 
  • Dialogue about institutional effectiveness that is ongoing, robust, and pervasive.
  • Data and analyses are widely communicated and used throughout the institution.
  • Document ongoing review and adaptation of evaluation and planning processes.
  • Consistent and continuous commitment to improving student learning and success.
  • Educational effectiveness is a demonstrable priority in all planning structures and processes.


  • Twice each academic year, create a KPI Progress Report by evaluating the KPIs based on quantitative and qualitative data sources such as results of program reviews, student learning outcomes assessments (SLOs, PSLOs, ISLOs) and other appropriate sources.
  • Based on the KPI Progress Report, make recommendations to the College Advisory Council (CAC) that will promote improvements on the KPIs.
  • Inform and engage the campus community in strategic planning.
  • Evaluate all components of the Strategic Plan and the strategic planning process annually and recommend revisions as appropriate.

Committee Goals

  • Develop goals for the year.
  • Identify campus-wide leads for components of the Strategic Plan.
  • Develop continuous and systematic evaluation processes for the Strategic Plan and the strategic planning process as they relate to student learning and success.
  • Give a presentation on strategic planning and progress on College Goals and Key Performance Indicators to the campus community each semester.
  • Give an annual presentation on strategic planning and progress on College Goals and Key Performance Indicators to the governing board.
  • Review and update the Strategic Planning and Resource Allocation Handbook as appropriate.
  • Review and update the Strategic Planning website.


  • Two Administrators (appointed by the College President)
  • Four Faculty members (appointed by the Academic Senate)
  • Three Classified staff members(one of whom is the College Research Analyst)
  • One student (Appointed by the Associated Student Government)

Member will be replaced after two unexcused absences in a single semester.

No Proxies

Meeting Schedule

The Strategic Planning Council meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 3:00-4:30 pm in A 213.

All are welcome to attend.

The meeting dates for the 2017-18 academic year are:

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting Schedule
​​ Date Time Location
​Sept. 14, 2017​3:00-4:30 pm​A 213
​Sept. 28, 2017​3:00-4:30 pm​A 213
​Oct. 12, 2017​3:00-4:30 pm​A 213
​Oct. 26, 2017​3:00-4:30 pmA 213
​Nov. 9, 20173:00-4:30 pm​A 213
​Dec. 14, 2017​3:00-4:30 pm​A 213
​Feb. 8, 2018​3:00-4:30 pm​A 213
​Feb. 22, 2018​3:00-4:30 pm​A 213
​March 8, 2018​3:00-4:30 pm​A 213
​March 22, 2018​3:00-4:30 pm​A 213
​April 12, 2018​3:00-4:30 pm​A 213
​April 26, 2018​3:00-4:30 pm​A 213
​May 10, 2018​3:00-4:30 pm​A 213
​May 24, 2018​3:00-4:30 pm​A 213



2015-2017 Integrated Planning and Resource Planning Handbook 2017 IntegratedPlanningandResourceAllocationHandbook.pdf2015-2017 Integrated Planning and Resource Planning HandbookStrategic Planning Resources
Annual Self-Evaluation of Standing Committees 16 Annual Self-Evaluation of Standing Committees Form Rev 2015 11 02.docxAnnual Self-Evaluation of Standing CommitteesStrategic Planning Resources

Committee Composition

MSC Representatives

Joyce Lui, Chair

Takeo Kubo

Faculty Representatives

Judith Bell

Mary Cook

Lucas Randall

Leslie Rice


Classified Representatives

Dee Davis

JoAnn McGowan, Co-chair

Jasmine Phan

Student  Representative




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Integrated Planning and Resource Allocation Handbook 2012-13--SJCC Strategic Plan 2011-2-16--SJCC Strategic Planning and Resource Allocation Handbook 2012

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