Civility begins with me! Everyone has Worth and Dignity.

We, the Civility (C3) Task Force, are proud of our work on the District Civility Statement, reflecting months of work by a group representing all District constituencies. We welcome input and guidance as to how this statement should be used by and for our educational community. We expect this to be a working document, useful to the District over time.

We the students, employees, and trustees at SJECCD are committed to a conscious demonstration of mutual respect - for people, for their roles, for their knowledge and expertise. While no civility statement can guarantee considerate and principled conduct, the values set forth below represent institutional ideals and should serve as guideposts.

Respect, civility, integrity, and honesty are not just words; they are intentions that must be present in our interactions with one another.

Civility requires cooperation, tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance, inclusiveness, kindness, compassion, courtesy, perception, and patience. It is expressed not only in the words we choose, but also in our tone, demeanor, and actions.

We honor the right of expression as a hallmark of learning, and we treasure intellectual freedom, tempered with respect for the rights of others, even when individual or group points of view are controversial or out of favor with prevailing perspectives. Individuals should not feel intimidated or be subject to reprisal for voicing their concerns, or for participating in governance or policymaking.

An individual’s perception of what is or is not civil conduct can be influenced by their culture and life experiences. We can all use assistance from time to time in understanding or seeing behaviors through the eyes of another person. We need to acknowledge these differences and be open to receiving feedback from someone who may perceive something we have done, without intent, as being uncivil. We also need to evaluate our expectations of civility to ensure that we are not setting an unrealistically high bar.

In the face of incivility, silence can indicate consent; we each have the responsibility to speak out to counteract incivility.

Guide Posts

  • Civility begins with me.
  • Each person is responsible for creating and maintaining a positive place to learn and to work, where everyone can flourish.
  • Take responsibility for one’s own choices. Accept your responsibility to engage courteously in all forms of communication (oral, written, and electronic).
  • Listening, not just hearing, but listening with respect, is the proper response to others.
  • Regardless of status, everyone has worth and dignity which should be valued.
  • Recognize contributions of others and value their opinions.  All members of the community are responsible for and expected to exemplify and promote civility, integrity, and concern for the common good.
  • Demonstrate and promote fair and just treatment; practice forgiveness and compassion.

Adopted by Board of Trustees on 10.8.2013


PaperClip Communications

Fostering Civility July 2012 J Rookstool


The list of articles below has been compiled as a resource to explore the situations successfully implemented by other educational institutions.

Jamestown Community College


This bibliography, though not exhaustive, provides a means for further academic research. It contains references for both popular and scholarly articles.

Michigan State University

University of Michigan

Joseph Clark

Civility References Bibliography, (J. Rookstool)


This section of the website includes a list of events related to civility.



If you have some thoughtful writing about what civility means to you and the SJECCD community, please contact the SJCC Professional Development Center Coordinator.

Reflections from 5/2/13 and 8/30/13, Roundtable sessions at San Jose City College:


Best Practices
Examples of best practices are provided by members of the SJECCD community and others. If you have an example of an individual or area exhibiting a useful method demonstrating civility, please contact the SJCC Professional Development Center Coordinator. 


This section lists samples of civility statements in the syllabus. The format suggested can be modified.



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