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Our faculty and staff are the heart of our college. The resources below are available to you within the college.
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San Jose City College has articulation agreements established with a variety of four-year institutions including the UC’s, CSU’s, private, and out-of-state colleges/universities. Click here to find out more! 

Assisting the Emotionally Distressed Student

Recognize the signs for help and access resources that can assist your students. The attached guides provide you information about your students and how to assist students in need on SJCC's campuses. Click here for the Crisis Helplines for students.  Click here for additional on-campus and community resources.         

If you are concerned about one of your student's academic performance, click here for the Quick Reference Guide for Addressing Concerns About Your Student.    

De-Escalation Guidelines:  A model to effectively de-escalate situations of disruptive behaviou and suggestions for follow-up.  Click here for De-Escalation Guidelines document.

Free Training session designed to assist in identifying and assisting distressed students before they experience a crisis.  The training may be accessed from any computer by clicking on the following link:  Click on "create an account", choose a password, the choose "San Jose City College".  Follow the prompts.  The training takes 15 - 20 minutes to complete.  Contact with questions or comments.

Business Services

Our helpful Business Services Staff can assist you with campus facility use, district vehicle reservations, petty cash,
budget planning,  grant management and much more. For more information, please visit our Business Services site.

Campus Police

Need help on campus? Contact Campus Police at (408) 270-6468 or by email at

Campus Technology and Support

Our experienced and knowledgeable (CTSS) staff can assist you with technical support, equipment repairs, installing approved software, and more! Visit the CTSS site for more information. 

Code of Ethics for SJCC

Need more information about our code of ethics? Access our Code of Ethics here for more information .


CurricUNet is the software application for creating and submitting Course Outline updates and degree/certificate updaes to the IPCC.  Click the links below for manuals.

CurricUNet User's Manual

CurricUNet Administrative Manual

 Custodial & Ground Services

Our dedicated Grounds and custodial staff can assist you with many requests including moving furniture, set up facilities for events, etc. Please contact Custodial & Grounds for more information.

Evening Administrator on Duty  

Evening Administrators are on duty to assist you with any needs that may arise in and outside of the classroom after 5pm. The Evening Administrator can be reached at (408) 590-5050.

Facility Rentals

Need to rent a facility on campus for an event? Complete the Facility Use Request Form. For more information please contact Business Services.


You can access your courses through the Moodle Login!


To access your class roster, please visit MyWeb. Students also use this portal to register for classes.  

Professional Development Center

The PDC offers the SJCC community a variety of activities that assist in their professional enrichment and development. 

Program Review

The Program Review process is designed to provide academic, student, and administrative areas the opportunity for review and assessment in relation to the College’s mission, vision, values and performance indicators. Find
out more!  

Safe Zone

To receive your training and certificate for Safe Zone, please visit the Safe Zone Website. The instructions on how to access the training are located at the bottom of the page.

Student Code of Conduct and Expectations for Student Behavior

Important Forms:

Administrative Procedures: Due Process

Student Code of Conduct

Student Grievance Form

Disruptive Student Behavior Report Form (DSB)


Students Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Find out more about our institutional, student, and program learning outcomes!     


TracDat is a software application that provides academic and non-academic departments with an efficient and reliable mechanism for managing their assessment needs. This link will lead you to the TracDat Log In. You will need a User Name and a Password; both are assigned by the Lead TracDat Administrator.  This Reference Guide was distributed at the training sessions; it  can be used as a guide to enter  the information on your program and course SLOs.  

Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center serves SJCC students by providing free drop-in and group tutoring in multiple academic subjects offered on campus including Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, History, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, etc. The Tutoring Center also coordinates in-class tutoring as well. Students have access to textbooks, computers for on-line homework systems, scientific/ Ti 84 graphing calculators and math videotapes. Classroom set of twenty Ti 84 graphing calculators is available for instructors to borrow for demonstration lessons. Please contact me two days in advance so the calculators can be placed in carry-case for you.

Students must be referred to the Tutoring Center by their instructor(s) or by a counselor. Instructors can send a copy of their roster to me via hardcopy or e-mail and refer all their students on a list for tutoring or send me a list of names via e-mail or hard copy and refer students on a student by student basis. Click here for Referral Form.

Click here for student instructions.


Need to check your email? Access SJCC email off campus here!  


Organizational Redesign

The College and the District are striving towards our SJECCD Vision that, "By the year 2017, SJECCD becomes the premier institution for advancing opportunity, equity, and social justice for everyone through educational excellence".

With this in mind, the Board of Trustees created a board initiative to align our college's structure to become a premier institution. Below is the information regarding our Organizational Redesign.

Below is information regarding the District Board Initiative of Organizational Redesign.

Chancellor's Campus Redesign Presentation

SJCC Redesign Charts, February 6, 2014

SJCC Redesign Plan & Phases, February 18, 2014



Budget Transfer Template Template.xlsxBudget Transfer TemplateBusiness Services Forms - Internal Use Only
Foundation Check Request Form Check Request.xlsxFoundation Check Request FormBusiness Services Forms - Internal Use Only
W-9 for SJCC (Official) for SJCC (Official).pdfW-9 for SJCC (Official)Business Services Forms - Internal Use Only
Assisting the Emotionally Distressed Student the Emotionally Distressed Student 2014 15.pdfAssisting the Emotionally Distressed StudentA Guide to Assisting the Emotionally Distressed StudentFaculty & Staff Resources
Chancellor's Campus Redesign Presentation's Campus Redesign PresentationFaculty & Staff Resources
Curricunet Admin Manual Admin Manual 2015.pdfCurricunet Admin ManualCurricunet Administrator ManualFaculty & Staff Resources
Curricunet User Manual User Manual.pdfCurricunet User ManualCurricUNet User ManualFaculty & Staff Resources
De-Escalation Guidelines GuidelinesMaster.pdfDe-Escalation GuidelinesStudents of Concern: De-Escalation GuidelinesFaculty & Staff Resources
EduStream User Manual User ManualFaculty & Staff Resources
Evening Administrator Schedule - October & November ADMINISTRATOR SCHEDULE October 2014.pdfEvening Administrator Schedule - October & NovemberFaculty & Staff Resources
Instructional Design Tips for Online Instruction Design Tips for Online InstructionFaculty & Staff Resources
Mental Health Resource List RESOURCE LIST.pdfMental Health Resource ListMental Health Resource ListFaculty & Staff Resources
SJCC Professional Code of Ethics Professional Code of EthicsFaculty & Staff Resources
SJCC REDESIGN PLAN – PHASE I Redesign Phases 2 18 14.docxSJCC REDESIGN PLAN – PHASE IFaculty & Staff Resources
SJCC TracDat Assessment Reference Guide TracDat Assessment Reference GuideFaculty & Staff Resources
San Jose City College Organizational Chart redesign chart 2 6 14.pptxSan Jose City College Organizational ChartFaculty & Staff Resources
Student of Concern Flow Chart of Concern Flow Chart Master.pdfStudent of Concern Flow ChartFaculty & Staff Resources
Tutoring Center Instructions Center.pdfTutoring Center InstructionsFaculty & Staff Resources
SJCC Moodle Quick-Start Guide for Faculty Moodle Quick-Start Guide for FacultyMoodle Help - 1. Getting Started
Adding a Quiz Activity in Moodle a Quiz Activity in MoodleMoodle Help - 2. Adding Activities
Creating a Question Bank in Moodle a Question Bank in MoodleMoodle Help - 2. Adding Activities
Edit the Quiz to Add the Questions in Moodle the Quiz to Add the Questions in MoodleMoodle Help - 2. Adding Activities
How to Create Quizzes in Moodle to Create Quizzes in MoodleMoodle Help - 2. Adding Activities
How to Setup Assignments in Moodle to Setup Assignments in MoodleMoodle Help - 2. Adding Activities
How to Setup Groups in Moodle to Setup Groups in MoodleMoodle Help - 2. Adding Activities
How to Setup Moodle Discussion Forums to Setup Moodle Discussion ForumsMoodle Help - 2. Adding Activities
How to Setup the OU Wiki in Moodle to Setup the OU Wiki in MoodleMoodle Help - 2. Adding Activities
How to Use Turnitin - The Basics to Use Turnitin - The BasicsMoodle Help - 2. Adding Activities
How to Use Turnitin in Moodle to Use Turnitin in MoodleMoodle Help - 2. Adding Activities
Converting Microsoft Word Files to Web Pages Microsoft Word Files to Web PagesMoodle Help - 3. Managing Content
How to Transfer Content to a New Moodle Course to Transfer Content to a New Moodle CourseMoodle Help - 3. Managing Content
Instructions to Import Course Data from Other Moodle 22 Courses to Import Course Data from Other Moodle 22 CoursesMoodle Help - 3. Managing Content
Preparing Microsoft Word Files for Moodle Microsoft Word Files for MoodleMoodle Help - 3. Managing Content
Crisis Helplines Helplines.pdfCrisis HelplinesSafety Resources
Tutoring Referral Form - Fall 2015 Referral Form- Fall 2015.pdfTutoring Referral Form - Fall 2015faculty & staff resources

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