Angela Enciso from Colombia

International Students - Angela.jpg

"I was looking forward to being a part of the San Jose City College because I heard very good testimonials of close people (my sister and friends) that this institution has given practical and meaningful knowledge in a friendly environment. The International Program supports us all the time! The program always has an open door policy and also has fun activities for us".

Rana Abu Sara from Jordan

International Students - Rana.jpg

“As an international student, it’s really ex­pensive to study abroad at a U.S. university directly without having a scholarship or assistantship. I’m glad I decided to start the first half of my studies at San José City College because of its affordable expenses compared to a university, then later transfer to a university to finish my studies”.  

Maite Chennagattu from France

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"The professors help the students to learn and earn good grades. There's a sense of proximity between the student and the professors because of the small class size."

Ling Man Siu from Hong Kong

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"My SJCC classes prepared me for my studies at UC Davis. I graduated from UC Davis and am now attending graduate school. The International Student Program helped me a lot with applying to universities and meeting more friends from many different countries."

Tien Tran from Vietnam

International Students - Tien.jpg

"I love this school as much as I love the services provided here such as reading writing center, library resources, and safety services. I have met so many nice people here-my friends, my teachers, and my counselors. I can say that SJCC is my second home".

 JeongTong Choi from South Korea

"I love living in a big city that has a small city feel. San Jose is very diverse and has a Korean community which makes me feel right at home".
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