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Welcome to the Career / Transfer Center!

Thank you for visiting the Career/Transfer Center (C/TC). We are located on the 2nd floor of the Student Center across from the Counseling Department in SC-216A. Through this website, you can learn about the services we offer in our center. We highly encourage you to visit us as soon as you begin your studies at SJCC. It is never too early to begin planning for your transfer to a four-year college or university.


Student Learning Outcomes:

Based on participation in Career/Transfer Center activities students will be able to:

    • Identify various services offered through the Career/Transfer Center
    • Recognize colleges/universities offering transfer admission agreements/ guarantees to SJCC students
    • Understand the elements of a transfer admission agreement/guarantee
    • Describe the minimum eligibility for transfer to a UC/CSU system
    • Use online career assessment tools for exploration and assessment


Mission Statement

The Career/Transfer Center is committed to supporting our students in achieving their educational life goals by promoting their career development and transfer to a four-year institution. To achieve this, we provide quality and comprehensive resources, activities, and services that foster equity, life-long learning and career/transfer success in our nurturing environment.


Upcoming Student Workshops

Fall 2014 Transfer Workshops

UCLA Community Outreach Day

UCSF Premed Workshop 03/21/15

Van Tour to San Francisco University
for the 9th Annual Transfer Day for Bay Area Community Colleges
Wednesday, 11/05/14, 10am - 6pm
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Student Resources


 Transfer Admission Agreements / Guarantees



Enroll in Career/Guidance Courses:

Students will be provided in-depth information and assistance with the transfer process to four-year colleges/universities. The course is designed to enable students to actively participate in planning their educational and career goals by providing information about the process and requirements for transferring from a community college to a university. Lower division major and general education requirements, college/university selection, admission procedures, application deadlines, financial aid and scholarship information will be covered. Use of college catalogs, printed directories, and the Internet will be necessary to complete assignments.

This course relates to the exploration and investigation of occupations and emphasizes the attainment of life-long success in academic, professional and personal development. Students will complete assessments, interpret and analyze each in order to begin the setting of realistic personal and career goals. Required employment skills will be introduced and practiced. Students will research, review and focus on the resources, skills and tools to successfully enter today's labor market as well as looking at the expected level of technological experience expected in various work settings.

Career Resources

The resources below offer an excellent way to get started on career and major exploration.

Bus Tours

The Career/Transfer Center coordinates spring transfer bus tours to different university campuses. To participate in a future tour, please complete the form below and indicate your interest.

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