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San Jose Middle College is an advanced program for juniors and seniors who  take 2-3 free college classes and 4 high school classes on the San Jose  City College campus. Students earn a high school diploma while at the  same time accumulating transferable college credit towards community and 4 year universities.

Middle College programs exist on college campuses all over the United States, and there are a number of programs in the larger Bay Area. Each program is different in its requirements and approach to alternative learning. The Middle College program here at San Jose City College was started in 1991, and Margaret Cang, an experienced instructor, was with the program from its inception to her retirement in 2006.

We are administered by San Jose Unified School District under the Learning Options Department, with a close relationship with San Jose  City College and its administration. Our students have been accepted into all  major UC, private and state universities. While at Middle College, students and staff help form a close community that focuses on respect, support, and both personal and academic achievement.

Student Profile

Middle College students are in the 11th or 12th grade. These students may be advanced, on target, or behind with their credits. Some may have been told they are "not living up to their potential

Student Responsibility

High School Classes: Students will take all high school courses on the SJCC campus. Students are responsible for their own transportation.

College  Classes:
Students will be enrolled in 6-9 credits of college coursework. They are responsible for attending class regularly and  for all communication with their college instructors. San Jose Unified School District behavioral guidelines apply to this  program. They are further outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Admissions Requirements

Middle College Application Packet

Students will complete and deliver the packet to the Middle College office at SJCC in the Business Building, B-107.

The packet includes:

  • Administrator recommendation

  • Teacher Recommendation (core subjects only)

  • Parent Questionnaire

  • Student Questionnaire

  • Unofficial Transcript

  • 504 Plan (if applicable)

San José Unified School District and San José City College Relationship
Middle College students have access to the many services of both the College  and the School District. The library, bookstore, Student Center, computer labs and Learning Resource Center are available to Middle College students. Counseling services are available at San José City College while most of the advising is done by the San José Unified School District  teachers. Credit for college course work allows Middle College students to have college work completed toward their degree.

Benefits to Students

Students benefit by the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of course offerings and to learn in a flexible, open and challenging environment.  In addition, students are exposed to various learning modalities. They are able to develop close relationships with the Middle College teachers  and their peers, as will as interact with the community college teachers and students. Middle College students develop successful traits for college work and learn to integrate work, community and academic achievement. 

​Contact Us

Lisa Canton:   Lisa_Canton@sjusd.org 

(408) 298-2181 x3996

Location: B-107


David Clark:  clark.sjmc@gmail.com

Jennifer Nestojko:  jennifer.nestojko@gmail.com

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