Cultivamos Excelencia Research Scholars

Cultivamos Excelencia ​Undergraduate Research Scholars

The Cultivamos Excelencia Undergraduate Research Program provides San Jose City College (SJCC) students with the opportunity to engage in university-level research under the guidance of San Jose City College and UC Santa Cruz (UCSC) faculty, and mentorship from a UCSC graduate student. San Jose City College students will work with their mentor to develop their own research with implications for the Latinx Community.

Future Scholar...

  • Have a genuine interest in university transfer (interest in transferring to UCSC is not required)

  • Eligible to take English 1A in the Fall

  • Conduct research in any discipline with implications for the Latinx community

  • Work with UCSC graduate student mentor 

  • Applicants must be available during the Fall and Spring semester to take  two courses. Course titles are still to be confirmed.

  • Attend program enrichment activities:

    1. Welcome Reception Dinner for Scholars & Families

    2. McHenry Library Exploration

    3. Mentor-mentee Revealing

    4. Field trips to UC Santa Cruz

    5. Research Institute & Summer Symposium

Current Scholar...

               FALL 2019 SCHEDULE    


TTH 10:45AM - 12:05PM​



Disclaimer: The English SI workshops are for Cultivamos Excelencia Scholars only.

What are the benefits?

  • Take linked classes in a learning community

  • Free textbooks for all CE courses & iPad rental 

  • Perform and present on your own research project

  • Receive guidance from SJCC & UCSC Faculty and a Graduate Student

  • Personalized academic counseling from SJCC and UCSC transfer counselors

  • English Honors designation on your college transcripts upon eligibility 

What kind of research will I be doing?

  • With the support of mentors, the students in this program will work on individual projects, in teams, or within an already existing research project.
  • Students may conduct research in the Sciences, the Humanities, or the Social Sciences or may do work that is interdisciplinary with implications for the Latinx community.
  • Projects in the Sciences might include lab experiments, field studies, or a review of existing experiments.
  • Projects in the Humanities might include a study of literature, philosophy, music, or film, and may involve research in a library archive.
  • Projects in the Social Sciences might involve conducting oral history interviews, surveys, or observations within a particular social environment or may focus on a review of existing studies. Students working on a Social Science project might also conduct research in a library archive.
  • Some activities may be conducted offsite, at UCSC, and online by arrangement depending on the research project. We will be flexible to meet the needs of the mentors, faculty, and students.

Student research topics


Metas Center

​Multi-Disciplinary Building
Room M-104​
​(408) 288-3125​​​
Claudia Amador​
Program​ Coordinator
(408) 288-3161

Sabrina Hagmann
Transfer Counselor
(408) 288-3117

Frank Tello 

English Instructor and Coordinator
​(408) 288-3222​​​​​

Dr. Elizabeth Gonzalez

Interim Director, Metas Program
​(408) 288-3104​​​​​
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