Leadership & Team Building Internship


Leadership and team building internship.

Looking for a summer internship? 

Support your Professional and Leadership Growth in a time of COVID-19 

Welcome to the 2020 SI Team! 

Twenty San Jose City College (SJCC) students have been selected for a paid 8-week summer internship. As an intern, students will be trained and well supported to be successful leaders and tutors in the Summer Bridge Program.

 Interns will: 

  • Complete a Leadership Training Program (June 1 - 12) that is designed to build confidence to communicate effectively, solve problems, and work with others to reach goals. 

  • Meet fellow interns, practice networking and community building, and cultivate a leadership mindset.  

  • Apply their skills to support students in the Summer Bridge Program.  

  • Gain confidence and basic leadership skills by being a mentor, lead workshops, and tutor students during the Summer Bridge Program in either English 1A, Math 63/63X or Ethnic Studies 27.  

Upon completion of the Leadership Training Program, you will become a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader for the Summer Bridge Program (June 15 - July 23, 2020). The calendar below have the specific dates and times for both the Leadership Training Program and the Summer Bridge Program.

Leadership & Team-building Internship Calendar.


A stipend in the amount of $400 will be awarded upon completion of the Leadership Training Program in its entirety. The Training consists of two weeks of highly interactive online training sessions.  

During the Summer Bridge Program, you will receive a stipend for supporting students. 


The Leadership Training Program and the Summer Bridge Program will be held virtually via Zoom. Be prepared for a highly interactive training experience and an opportunity to meet new people and make friends.


Refer to the calendar below for a breakdown of the Leadership Training schedule and SI role during Summer Bridge.


This internship will allow students to strengthen their leadership skills as they participate in enriching activities and get a chance to make meaningful connections with incoming students. 

Being an SI Leader will allow students to learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together in a small group setting.

What to expect

Students should be prepared for active and interactive training filled with interactive activities that require creative thinking, planning, and supporting others. This program is designed to support all students and build a sense of excitement, community, and team. 

What is needed

A quiet space to focus. You will also need a computer or tablet and internet connection. Let us help you if you do not have access to these things.

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Program Specialist​ 
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Angela Gullerud 

Program​ Coordinator
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