Pathway to Law School Program

Pathway to Law School Program

In partnership with The State Bar of California, the Pathway to Law School initiative enhances opportunities and advancement of San Jose City College students in the legal profession for diverse populations, particularly those who have been underrepresented in the practice of law.

Why Law?

The complexities of our legal system have created hundreds of legal career options, many of which do not require a law degree.  The legal professional’s role is expanding and evolving to keep pace with the ever-changing legal system.  The legal profession offers growth, opportunities, financial rewards, client service, intellectual challenge, prosperity, prestige in diverse areas: criminal law, corporate law, tax law, real estate law, family law, product liability, patent law, employment law, educational law and dozens of other areas. Given the legal field’s diversity, no particular major is recommended.


  1. You must be attending San Jose City College (or the other 23 participating California Community Colleges) during or after the academic year 2014-2015.

  2. You must be a first-time undergraduate-level student: not previously earned a Bachelor’s Degree or previously matriculated at a four-year undergraduate institution and must not have previously matriculated at a community college in the country.

  3. You are currently in good academic standing; you are not on academic probation or suspension.

Course of Study

Required Courses

    • AJ 016: Street Law (4.0 units)

    • ENGL 001A: English Composition (3.0 units)

    • ENGL 001C: Critical Thinking/Composition (3.0 units)

    • POLSC 001: Politics and Govt in America (3.0 units)

    •   HIST 01 or HIST 017B: History of the United States (3.0 units)
    • MATH 063: Elementary Statistics (3.0 units)

    • COMS 040: Introduction to Argumentation (3.0 units)

Suggested Courses

  • GUIDE 130: College Success (3.0 units)

Career Possibilities

  • Lawyer

  • Judge

  • Mediator

  • Paralegal

  • Secretary

  • Consultant

  • Court Administrator

  • Governmental Administrator

  • Politician

Program Benefits

  • Counseling

  • Mentoring

  • Law related activities

  • Financial aid counseling

  • Prescribed course credits will transfer

  • Waived application fees for admission to the participating law schools

  • Special attention regarding college and law school applications at participating schools

Participating Schools: Colleges/Law Schools

  • University of San Francisco

  • University of Santa Clara 

  • University of California Davis

  • University of Southern California

  • Loyola University, Los Angeles

  • University of California Irvine

*Grandfathered Status:

  • A student is eligible if previously matriculated at a community college prior to September 2014, who has not earned an Associate Degree and has not transferred to a four-year undergraduate institution by September 2014.

  • Student previously matriculated at a four year undergraduate institution but has not earned a Bachelor’s degree and instead matriculated at one of the 24 participating  community colleges during Academic Year 2013-2014 and continues to matriculate at one  of  the participating 24 community colleges during Academic Year 2014-2015.


Program Requirements 


  • Attend Pathway to Law School Orientation
  • Work with Pathway to Law School counselor
  • Establish Student Educational Plan based on selected major and the Pathway to Law School Program’s required courses


  • Complete all prerequisites of the student’s major as required by the participating undergraduate institution.
  • Student must successfully transfer to the undergraduate institution
  • Student may transfer to a four year university and complete a Bachelor's degree then transfer to a participating law school.


  • Students must maintain the required minimum G.P.A. at the community college and undergraduate institution.


Rachel Hagan,

Pathway to Law Counselor/Coordinator
(408) 288-3749

Waylon Bakek

Faculty Coordinator ​

Pathway to Law school application

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 Orientation Information


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