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Program Enrollment

Enrollment into the program is accepted in either the Fall or Spring semester. Most students complete the program in two full semesters and a summer session. The Cosmetology program is designed for full-time students only. Because SJCC is a community college funded by the state, we are able to provide this comprehensive education at a fraction of the cost of private schools. The estimated cost of the entire program is $6,000.

Program Completion

When you enroll in the Cosmetology program, you will have the opportunity to receive instruction in the areas of hair, skin, nail, and salon skills. After successfully completing the program, you will be able to earn a Certificate of Achievement and/or Associate in Science degree. As an SJCC graduate, you will have the necessary skills and knowledge to pass the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology exam. To be eligible for a state license, you will need to successfully complete 1,600 clock hours in an educational institution approved by the Bureau of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Eligibility Criteria

San Jose City College, Cosmetology program - hair color selection

Step 1:

Complete and mail your program application to the Cosmetology department. This application is separate from the general SJCC application for admission.
Because of the high demand for the program, the Cosmetology department maintains a waitlist of students to enroll in the program. In order to get on the waitlist, you must fill out and submit the Cosmetology department program application.
Cosmetology Department Program Application
You can also receive an application by calling the department at 408-288-3710. The application must be completed and mailed to:

The Cosmetology Department
San Jose City College
2100 Moorpark Ave
San Jose, CA 95125

Step 2 (Optional):

If you wish to tour the department before you make the decision to enroll in the program, we are open for a walk-through on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 9:15 am - 2:30 pm or contact the front desk at 408-288-3710.

Step 3:

It is recommended that you use this time to enroll in general education courses, as they can be used toward your Associate in Science degree in Cosmetology.

Step 4:

Applications are processed in April for the Fall semester and in October for the Spring semester. At this point, the department sends letters with reply postcards to all eligible applicants. Follow the instructions on the letter and return the postcard by the deadline with your intent to enroll. Be sure to keep the department updated with any change of address and/or phone number. 

Step 5:

Complete the SJCC application for admission and submit it either in person or online. To be eligible for admission, you must be at least 18 years old or have one of the following:

  • High School Diploma
  • General Education Degree (GED)
  • High School Proficiency Certificate

For further information about the admission process, contact the following departments:

  • Admissions and Records Office (408) 288-3700
  • Counseling (408) 288-3750
  • Assessment (Placement Tests) (408) 288-3170
  • Financial Aid (408) 288-3741

Step 6:

You will be notified by mail about our mandatory orientation. 

Step 7:

Submit the requested information to the department. Provided you have met the requirements, you will be given a C-9 form to register along with an orientation packet. Without this form, you are not allowed to register at the Admissions & Records Office. Online and/or telephone registration is not available for Cosmetology students.

Step 8:

Orientation is mandatory for all prospective Freshman students. All the information you will need to know about the program, including State Board requirements, cost of the kit, tuition, etc., will be provided at this orientation. Parents are welcome to attend.

Step 9:

Kit day is where you will purchase your kit and review other course materials, including orientation. Please set aside all day for this.

Step 10:

Orientation about the program, syllabus, procedures, etc., is conducted on the first day of class. Every student is required to present proof of his/her current TB test within the first two weeks of the semester. Free TB screening services are available from Student Health Services. For additional information and appointments, call 408-288-3724.

Employment Opportunities

A cosmetologist, sometimes called a hairstylist, is someone who specializes in giving beauty treatments, usually to women. A cosmetologist is proficient in hair treatments, facials, and other skin and nail treatments.

Some cosmetologists specialize in just one of these areas. The sub-categories of cosmetology are hairstylists, hair colorists, manicurists, estheticians, and electrologists. Often cosmetologists specialize in more than one of these categories.

Hair Stylist

A hairstylist specializes in hair cutting, hair coloring, styling, bridal updos, and makeup. Hairstylists apply hair extensions and weaves. Some hairstylists also give recommendations and perform work on wigs and hairpieces.


A manicurist specializes in nail care, including manicures, pedicures, and acrylic nails and gels.


An esthetician specializes in facials, head and neck massages, and hair removal through waxing. Some estheticians offer full-body massages. Estheticians may offer one or more of the following types of waxing: bikini, Brazilian, leg, or arm.


An electrologist offers the removal of unwanted hair via an electrolysis machine. As opposed to the hair removal via waxing offered by an esthetician, hair removal via electrolysis is permanent. It has recently been argued that barbers are also cosmetologists who extend the hairstylist specialty with services, especially for men, such as shaving and beard trimming.

The following are some other examples of the careers you may choose:

    • Hairdresser
    • Salon Manager
    • Salon Owner
    • Hair Colorist
    • Salon Owner
    • Product Demonstrator
    • Skin Specialist
    • Manicuring Specialist
    • Pedicuring Specialist
    • Product Demonstrator
    • Lecturer
    • Consultant
    • Instructor
    • School Manager
    • School Owner

Estimated Program Cost

Tuition costs vary according to California Residency and semester.   Click here for current program costs.

Cosmetology Instructors

The cosmetology staff at San Jose City College is comprised of some of the most passionate and well-trained staff in cosmetology services in the nation. In addition to teaching classes weekly, many of the full-time instructors practice on the side as well, keeping them well versed in the modern and newly developing technologies in Cosmetology.

Gina Del Rosario, Instructor

Gina Del Rosario, Instructor

Renza Nassab, Instructor

Renza Nassab, Instructor

Roxie Banks, Faculty

Sandra Honesto, Instructor

Sandra Honesto, a San Jose native, is a full-time faculty member. She brings 18 years of experience in the Cosmetology industry, has completed the Cosmetology Teacher Trainee Program at SJCC's Cosmetology Department, and became full-time faculty in September of  2004. She enjoys all aspects of working within the Cosmetology industry, but teaching has allowed her an opportunity to share her knowledge and passion with future Cosmetology professionals.

Susie Zagar, Staff

Susie Zagar has worked in the cosmetology field for over 30 years. Susie has her AS degree in Cosmetology from San Jose City College and has worked for the SJCC Cosmetology Department for five years. Her specialty areas are Hair extensions and hair color.

Rosemarie Ferrari Bryan, Cosmetology Staff

Rosemarie Ferrari Bryan, Staff

Rosemarie is an 18-year veteran Cosmetology educator and a native of Northern California. Rosemarie discovered her love of education early in her career. Line, design, and color have always been her passions. She studied Interior Design at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. She completed her basic training in Cosmetology at Don's Beauty School in San Mateo. She holds the following credentials from the California State Board of Cosmetology: Licensed Cosmetologist, Licensed Cosmetology Instructor, and Licensed Esthetician. She completed advanced training at Jingle's Hairdressing Academy in London, England, Framesi in Milan, Italy, Yosh in Palo Alto, and Gary Gerrard's Academy in San Francisco. She has taught at several schools in the Bay Area - Don's Beauty School, Skyline Community College, Miss Marty's Academy, and San Jose City College, using both the Milady and Pivot Point curricula. She has been an active supporter of CCA as a former member of the Fashion Committee and as a former Judge for CCA competitions.

Degrees in Cosmetology

There are two different options for degrees offered in cosmetology:

    • Associate of Science in Cosmetology

    • Certificate of Achievement

Download the Application Form 


The Freshmen semester is fashioned to teach beginner students the basics of cosmetology including a solid foundation of theory as well as practical experience in a lab. The following classes are designed to give the beginning student just what he or she needs to get started.

This is the first course in the sequence required of majors in Cosmetology. This class gives a general introduction to Cosmetology, including chemical compounds commonly found in soaps, shampoos, bleaches, hair colors, permanent waving, chemical straightening, and disinfectants. Bacteriology and sanitation processes are stressed as well as the political, social and economic aspects of the role of Cosmetology in today's society. All students are required to keep an information notebook and create projects demonstrating deductive reasoning and critical thinking. This course, with its co-requisite, COS 105A, meets Area B General Education requirement for Physical and Biological Sciences.

COS 105A: Cosmetology Freshman LabThe lab section for first-semester cosmetology students includes beginning instruction in the following subject areas: hairstyling, hair shaping, permanent waving, chemical relaxing, thermal styling, hair coloring, hair lightening, scalp and hair treatments, manicures, pedicures, facials, makeup, eyebrow arching, sanitation, shampoos/rinses and understanding of pH. Client safety and sanitary precautions for each practice area are emphasized. Students must concurrently enroll in Cos10A.


The second semester of the cosmetology program consists of a strong emphasis on hard work and dedication. Lab time and client time is a must and hours are important in gaining hands-on experience.
COS 10B: Cosmetology Senior Theory
Cosmetology 10B is a continuation of the course in the sequence required of majors in Cosmetology. This class gives more in-depth information on Cosmetology including chemistry, electricity, light therapy, anatomy, physiology, State rules and regulations, business management, and people skills. Laboratory assignments are performed with an emphasis on safety and critical thinking. Students are required to keep a notebook and to write reports which include deductive reasoning and critical thinking. This course, with its corequisite, COS 105A, meets Area B General Education requirement for Physical and Biological Sciences.
COS 105B: Cosmetology Senior Lab
The second-semester lab course gives in-depth information about Cosmetology including advanced manipulative skills in hairstyling, haircutting, hair coloring, permanent waving, manicuring, makeup, facials, scalp massage, hair removal, shampooing, chemical relaxing, thermal styling, pedicures, artificial nails, and other procedures required by the State Bureau of Barbering and Cosmetology. Social, cultural, psychological, political and economic aspects of cosmetological vocation and entrepreneurship are discussed. This course, with its corequisite, COS 105B, meets Area B General Education requirement for Physical and Biological Sciences.


COS 105: Cosmetology Professional Skills
This course is designed for continuing students who must meet the California Bureau of Barbering and Cosmetology requirement of 1600 hours. The lecture portion will include the Health and Safety Module. The following advanced topics are covered in lab: hair design, hair sculpting (cutting), hair coloring, perm design, shampooing, manicuring, make-up, facials, scalp massage, hair removal by wax and tweezers, hair relaxing, thermal styling, braiding/hair extensions, and spa pedicures. Both concepts and manipulative skills related to each area are emphasized.



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Contacts for program information:

Division Counselor contact for appointments

Lila Chiem, MS


Job Development & Placement Specialist



Thomas (Tommy) Nguyen

408-298-2181 x 3181

Dean of Career Technology Education

Dr. J. Edward Stevenson

(408) 288-3197


Cosmetology Building  



Roxie Banks

Gina Del Rosario-Fontela

Sandra Honesto

Renza Nassab

Carol Ramirez

Yelena Lipilina

Esthetics Faculty

Samantha Martinez 

Instructional Aid-COSMO

 Nadjmeh (Nadji) Sharifi 

Instructional Aid -ESTI 

Susie Zagar  
Instructional Aide 

Staff Assistant

Lani Rhynes


Cosmetology Application
Teacher Trainer Application

Email signed applications to:

or mail to:

SJCC Cosmetology
2100 Moorpark Avenue
San Jose, CA  95128

Drop off on campus at: Cosmetology Office
or Reprographics Cosmetology mailbox

Licensing Agency

The cosmetology Licensing Agency is the Department of Consumer Affairs Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.  Visit their website for more information:  Board of Barbering and Cosmetology

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