Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies

As an Ethnic studies student you can take interdisciplinary courses that will prepare you to think critically about, and be an active member in our diverse society. The Ethnic Studies department at SJCC features courses in African American studies, Chicano/Mexican American studies & Vietnamese American studies. Through examination of socio-historical experiences of people of color you will develop an awareness of social justice that will give you a strong foundation for majoring in Ethnic Studies or social sciences and fulfill a general education  graduation requirement.

Ethnic Studies students have followed many career paths that include:


  • Education
  • Law
  • Social Work
  • Immigrant Rights
  • Administration of Justice
  • Civil Rights
  • Community Organizing and more!


ETH 020-African American Culture

ETH 026-Vietnamese Women in the U.S.

ETH 027-Introduction to Race & Ethnicity in American History

ETH 030-Chicana/o Culture

ETH 031-Contemporary Issues in Mexican American CommunitiesETH-037A-Mexican American History I (new course - click for flyer)

ETH 041-Vietnamese American Culture

Ethnic Studies Program Student Learning Outcomes


  • Critically analyze the socio-historical origins, processes and consequences of dominance and subordination in regards to race, ethnicity, class, gender, power, and social stratification.

  • Compare the socio-historical evolution of major Ethnic groups in American society  and test various theoretical models.

  • Assess the racial history of America and relevant sociological terminology critical to that assessment.

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