Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance

In response to requests from industry partners, San Jose City developed this program to prepare participants to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot mechanical and electrical equipment in facilities ranging from operating rooms, hotels, commercial buildings, to clean rooms. This is a high skill, high wage, and high demand occupational area, and we encourage women and minority students to apply. As with all of our programs, financial aid is available for eligible students.

The Facilities Maintenance Technology Program at San Jose City College
provides students with skills to begin or advance in a career in facilities
maintenance. It was designed by an advisory committee to meet industry
requirements. Students will learn the skills and concepts necessary to install, maintain and repair control, piping, and mechanical systems in large medical, and industrial buildings. Students will also learn trouble
shooting skills, problem solving methods and electrical concepts. Continuous techniques and effective written, verbal, and electronic
communication skills will be stressed across the curriculum. Classes are
designed in lecture and lecture/lab format to give students a solid foundation general maintenance skills including HVAC/R. Print reading and skills will be emphasized.




Required Courses
Core Courses                                                                                                         Units
AIR C 121       Electrical Principles for Air Conditioning                    4
AIRC C 122    Refrigeration Principles                                                         4
FMT 100          Facilities Operation                                                                  2
FMT 104          Electrical/Electronic Systems                                             5
FMT 120          Boiler Procedures                                                                      4
FMT 122          Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers  4
AIR C 142        Air Conditioning Controls                                                     3
ELECT 121      Math for Technicians                                                                3
CONST 106    Blue Print Reading                                                                     3
CIS 41                 Introduction to Computer Information Systems    3
TOTAL:                                                                                                                            35

Associate Degree Requirements

General Education Course Requirements (same as A/C Degree) 24

TOTAL:                                                                                                                              63


AS Facilities Maintenance Technology

Facilities Maintenance Technology Certificate Level 3


Contacts for program information:

Division Counselor

Maria Plancarte



Job Development & Placement Specialist


Thomas (Tommy) Nguyen


408-298-2181 x 3181

Dean of Career Technology Education

Dr. J. Edward Stevenson

(408) 288-3197


Jonathan Cronan

(408) 298-2181 x3667



Johnny Bui



Art Elsea


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