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Journalism at San José City College is a multi-faceted program that offers classes in broadcasting, mass media, writing and reporting, and newspaper production and management.

Winner of General Excellence awards from professional and collegiate journalism organizations the campus newspaper, SJCC Times, in print and online offers training and experience in the preparation of news in print and electronic formats.

If being a DJ is more your style, you may be interested in our broadcasting courses. The college radio station (, keyword KJCC) is home to many of our programs that cover sports, music, human interest, current events, and talk radio. 

Learn how to operate a radio console, provide play-by-play sports commentary or even host your own show one day!

City College Times Newspaper

Students are trained in many facets of the newspaper industry, including reporting, editing, design, photojournalism, advertising, graphics, and production and publish a tabloid-size newspaper throughout the academic year.

The newspaper is run by students and modeled on professional news organizations. Students are the writers, photographers, and editors. 

As part of the news staff you will focus on feature stories or “speak truth to power” when pursuing content about the most important issues facing
the campus community. 

You might be at a sporting event one week then follow the work of student government the following week. The newspaper gives students unlimited access to almost any subject that interests them. 

Working for the SJCC Times has proven to be transformative for many students. It opens new avenues for advancement that go beyond journalism. 

It encourages professional etiquette, responsibility, critical thinking, writing skills and social skills. It’s a starting point for many who go on to careers in journalism, marketing, graphic design, art illustration, web management, television, public relations and many other fields.

Journalism students also enjoy the opportunity to attend regional and state journalism conferences in which professional journalists, many of the best in the business, share their knowledge. 

San Jose City College students have a long tradition of receiving awards and recognition for their journalistic accomplishments at these conferences.


JOURN 021 Mass Media and Society

JOURN 022 News Writing and Reporting for the Media

JOURN 032A Newspaper Lab – Introduction to News Reporting

JOURN 032B News Lab – Photojournalism

JOURN 032C Newspaper Lab – Beginning Editorial Management and Advertising

JOURN 032D Newspaper Lab-Production and Design

JOURN 035A Introduction to Editorial Management

JOURN 035B Development of Editorial Management Skills

JOURN 035C Intermediate Editorial Management

JOURN 035D Advanced Editorial Management

Journalism Student Learning Outcomes

Describe the roles of the various mass media, including their operation and current issues

Practice news gathering strategies through interviews with live sources, database searches, review of other printed materials and exploration of Internet web sites

Recognize the legal and ethical issues and  responsibilities of the mass media

Practice time and resource management  


BROAD 042A Introduction to Radio Broadcast and Theory.

Students will be introduced to Radio Broadcast theory, fundamentals, and practices of radio broadcast.  They will begin to develop performance, interview, and research skills with respect to live broadcasting.

BROAD 042B Intermediate Theory & Practices of Radio Broadcast.

Students will increase their knowledge of the fundamentals of broadcasting for radio, including history, government regulations, industry standards, station operations, on-air performance, and technical skills.

BROAD 042C Advanced Theory & Practices of Radio

Broadcast Students will study advanced on-air presentation, station management and operations, multi-platform broadcasting, and American electronic media culture.  Students will manage, operate and perform on-air duties for the campus radio station.



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