Labor Studies

Labor Studies

Gain a greater understanding of the history and function of organized labor in the United States in the SJCC Labor Studies program. The major and certificate in Labor Studies provides training for students interested in careers in labor relations or personnel management with unionized private-sector firms or local and state government organizations. Graduates are prepared to work for unions, labor or social justice-related NGOs, or other non-profit organizations. Students may gain employment in these areas with local, state, national or international organizations. In the non-union private sector, graduates may work in areas related to corporate social responsibility, codes of conduct, and corporate governance. Finally, students may pursue bachelor and professional degrees in fields such as public policy, labor and employment law, MBAs or graduate degrees in the social sciences.


Labor Studies Certificate of Achievement Level 2

A.A. in Labor Studies

A.S. in Labor Studies


LABOR 015-Local Union and Community Leadership

LABOR 020-Workers’ Rights

LABOR 022-Labor Negotiations and Dispute Resolution

LABOR 023-Labor in American Society

LABOR 024-Leadership and Communication

LABOR 025-Labor Organizing and Political Action

LABOR 031-Survey of Contemporary Labor and Social Issues

LABOR 033-Solving Worksite Problems

LABOR 034-Inmmigrant Leadership Training

Labor Studies Student Learning Outcomes 


  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of political  economy, globalization and immigration policy, labor laws, and structures of labor organizations.

  • Describe the structure of labor and community non-governmental organizations and the various roles and strategies that are available toward advancing their goals.

  • Assess and use information technology to research issues, communicate with others, and organize activities supporting the organizational goals of labor and community organizations.

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