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                        PSYCH 041 - Developmental Disabilities

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In the Psychology program at San Jose City College, you will examine the various subfields in psychology, gain knowledge of and appreciation for scientific inquiry, and develop insight into oneself while increasing knowledge of and sensitivity to others. You will be introduced to the basic body of knowledge preparing you for further study in psychology.

 Because the field of psychology is broad and diverse, psychologists work in a variety of settings. Most psychologists have a master's degree or a Ph.D. Usually, this requires two to six years of study after a bachelor's degree. 

 Psychologists may teach, conduct research, perform psychological testing, or do consultation in many settings, including hospitals and other medical facilities, social service agencies, businesses, industries, and universities. Applied psychology integrates theory, research and practice to help people with decision-making, relationships, aging, sexuality, gender, death and dying, and other issues. Applied psychology helps to produce superior job performance in human services, education, and many other fields.


AA-T in Psychology 


PSYCH 010-General Psychology

PSYCH 012-Social Psychology

PSYCH 020-Psychology of Stress Reduction

PSYCH 022-Research Methods in Psychology

PSYCH 031-Biological Psychology

PSYCH 035-Psychology of Women

PSYCH 060-Personal Growth and Adjustment

PSYCH 092-Devolpmental Psychology

PSYCH 099-Abnormal Psychology

PSYCH 100-Human Sexuality

                          Psychology Student                             Learning Outcomes


  • Describe and interpret various theoretical approaches in the field of Psychology.

  • Analyze applications of psychological principles and practices.

  • Select and employ relevant research techniques to obtain knowledge and solve problems.

  • Identify and critique trends and issues in contemporary society related to the field of psychology.

  • Evaluate psychology as a discipline in the social sciences.

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