Theatre and Dramatic Arts

​Theatre and Dramatic Arts

You will gain a better understanding of the dramatic arts through the study of theatre, film, and acting. Choose from courses that will meet general education transfer requirements or enroll in an acting class, theatre performance class, or participate “behind the scenes” in performances in our own City College Theatre.



THEAT 020-Introduction to Theatre Arts

THEAT 032-Film Production Workshop

THEAT 040-Introduction to Film


THEAT 002-Beginning Acting

THEAT 003-Intermediate Acting

THEAT 030-Studio Production Workshop

THEAT 031-Theatre Workshop-Major Production

THEAT 033-Technical Theatre Workshop

Theatre Student Learning Outcomes


  • Perform scenes and improvisations that demonstrate correct stage movement, vocal production, posture, gesture, principles of staging, and an appropriate balance of energy and relaxation.

  • Analyze the form and content of a film or theatrical performance to assess its success subjectively and objectively, and discuss the results of this analysis in writing and discussion with others.

  • Analyze and perform scripted scenes that demonstrate an understanding of the psychological and emotional qualities of character.

  • Recognize and describe aesthetic elements of theatrical or cinematic art from a diverse range of cultures, historical periods, styles, and genres.

  • Participate effectively as a performer, manager, or technician on a creative team during rehearsal, production, and performance of a play.

  • Recognize, describe, and evaluate the contribution of theatre or film artists to theatrical or cinematic works.

  • Participate effectively as a screen writer, performer, director, or technician on a creative team during pre-production and production of a film.


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