World Languages

World Languages

The World Languages program at San José City College is committed to preparing students to meet the demands of the global marketplace, while also offering opportunities for personal enrichment.

The Program offers instruction in:

  • American Sign Language
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese
Courses are fully transferable and meet eligibility requirements to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Graduates can obtain General Major AA and AS degrees with a Foreign Language Area of Concentration, and can satisfy most Bachelor degree requirements by completing two years of coursework in a World Language.


FREN 001A Elementary French

FREN 001AL Foreign Language Lab – French 1A

FREN 001B Elementary French

FREN 001BL Foreign Language Lab – French 1B

FREN 002A Intermediate French

FREN 002AL Foreign Language Lab – French 2A

FREN 002B Intermediate French

FREN 002BL Foreign Language Lab – French 2B

FREN 003A Advanced Intermediate French

FREN 003AL Foreign Language Lab – French 3A

FREN 003B Advanced Intermediate French

FREN 003BL Foreign Language Lab – French 3B

JAPAN 001A Elementary Japanese

JAPAN 001B Elementary Japanese

JAPAN 002A Intermediate Japanese

JAPAN 002B Intermediate Japanese

SL 001A Introduction to American Sign Language

SL 001AL Sign Language Lab Sign Language 1A

SL 001B Intermediate American Sign Language

SL 001BL Sign Language Lab - Sign Language 1B

SL 002A Advanced American Sign Language

SL 002AL Sign Language Lab - Sign Language 2A

SL 002B Advanced American Sign Language

SL 002BL Sign Language Lab – Sign Language 2B

SL 015 Deaf Culture

SPAN 001A Elementary Spanish

SPAN 001AL Foreign Language Lab – Spanish 1A

SPAN 001B Elementary Spanish

SPAN 001BL Foreign Language Lab – Spanish 1B

SPAN 002A Intermediate Spanish

SAN 002AL Foreign Language Lab – Spanish 2A

SPAN 002B Intensive Intermediate Spanish

SPAN 002BL Foreign Language Lab – Spanish 2B

SPAN 022A Spanish for Spanish Speakers

SPAN 022B Spanish for Spanish Speakers

SPAN 091A Conversation Spanish

SPAN 091B Conversations Spanish

VIET 001A Elementary Vietnamese

VIET 001B Elementary Vietnamese

World Languages Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate increased comprehension or receptive  skills in the target language.

  • Demonstrate adequate control of appropriate vocabulary and grammar and expressive skills to produce the target language.

  • Articulate comparisons between his/her own culture/s and that of the speech communities of the target language (this could include, for example, social and political history, literature, or art of the communities of the target language).      

  • Acquire skills necessary to complete an AA or AS degree and/or transfer to a four year institution, which could include the use of innovative technology and exposure to new trends.

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