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 Update April 1 - 1:18 pm

Link to Student Town Hall with President Tomaneng

Link to Student Town Hall PowerPoint

  • The remaining spring 2020 semester will continue through online instruction only. 
  • All other campus and district services and operations will continue to be offered remotely as well, with the exception of those services which have been deemed essential and cannot be provided remotely.
  • SJCC will not be holding traditional commencement ceremonies this spring.  
  • We are working diligently to identify alternative options for commencement so that we will still be able to celebrate with our students at the end of the term. 
  • Any student who graduates this year will be able to return and participate in commencement next year.
  • News about COVID-19 related fee waivers and withdrawals 
         Student emergency funds
The SJCC Student Emergency Needs Fund was established to provide a one-time immediate financial assistance award to students involved in a catastrophic or emergency situation involving circumstances which are sudden, unexpected and/or effect a students’ ability to succeed.

Student Emergency Funds Applicatio

Loaner laptop & chromebooks

Currently, all loaner laptops and Chromebooks are checked-out. 

More will be lent out as we acquire them. In the meantime, please fill out the request form here to be placed in the queue.

Important resources

The following companies are hiring:

                                                         Online Tutoring Information

SJCC staff and faculty have been working collectively to move tutoring services to an online format. We currently have nearly 30 tutors offering tutoring via Zoom. There will be more tutors and faculty who will be available for online tutoring in the upcoming week. Below you will find information on how to access the various tutoring options. 

All SJCC students can access group and individual tutoring from SJCC faculty and student tutors. Here are some tutoring services that are available to you now. 

Peer-Lead Team Learning (PLTL): Student tutors are offering group tutoring via Zoom for the following subjects: Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Ethnic Studies.  

Library's Tutoring Center (TC) and Reading and Writing Center (RWC): Student tutors and faculty are offering individual and small group tutoring via Zoom for ESL and multiple subjects. Faculty are available to offer tutoring in multiple subjects as well. 

Follow these steps to access the tutoring sessions and schedule: 
1. Review the SJCC tutoring schedule HERE and the Faculty tutoring schedule HERE
  2. Find the available subjects by class and by day (tab at the bottom). 
  3. Click on the tutoring session you would like to join via Zoom. 

Student tutors and faculty will use Zoom to conduct their tutoring sessions. Please see the resources below to learn to navigate Zoom via Canvas. 

Click here to access the English tutorial
Click here to access the Spanish tutorial

NetTutor Online Tutoring (24 hours a day / 7 days a week)
STEP 1.  Open any of your courses on Canvas
  STEP 2.  Open NetTutor link on the left-hand navigation
STEP 3.  Open the subject you need help with                                      

                                Legal Aid Information

Legal Aid is happy to talk to anyone who is having work-related issues due to the coronavirus.  You can call the Work and Family Helpline at (800)880-8047 or the general helpline at (415)864-8848. Available languages are English, Spanish, Chinese, Urdu, Vietnamese and Farsi.



                              Low-Cost Internet Services   

What's Not Open on Campus? 

 Admissions and Records


 Cafeteria (Fresh and Natural)



 Career/Transfer Center   


 Financial Aid

 International Students

Jaguar Market (Except for Groceries to Go)

  Chavez Library  & LRC 

Middle College


Student Accessibility Services

 Student Health ServicesVeterans

​Student Complaint Procedures

The Student Complaint Procedures are available to every San Jose City College student, offering an equitable means of seeking an appropriate remedy for a grievance regarding any college-related matter (other than as defined under the unlawful discrimination section of the catalog).  Complaint procedures are provided for the following: grade appeals process, complaints regarding a faculty member, complaints regarding a staff member, complaints about a manager, or sexual assault complaints.  

Related forms are available online here.

Most complaints, grievances or disciplinary matters should be resolved at the campus level.  Students are encouraged to work through the campus complaint process first.  Issues that are not resolved at the campus level may be escalated to state offices.  Click here for more information.

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Student Affairs administrators

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