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We're online for fall semester

Our courses are now online through our Virtual Campus while our campus facilities are closed through Summer Session. 

Fall 2020 Semester will start online to help slow the spread of COVID-19, but it may change during the semester if the county and state health officials state it would be safe to do so.

SJCC's faculty, staff, and administrators are still here to help you navigate these changes and to ensure you still receive an outstanding education while you learn online.

Update: Add Codes no longer needed 

Add Codes are no longer needed. Once the term/semester begins, students wishing to add classes will need an add authorization from their instructor. Students will need to provide their student ID to the instructor,

  • All students must have a current application on file prior to adding. If you try to register without a current application, you will receive the following message on MyWeb "Student has no registration priority . . . "

  • Students may obtain an add authorization only from the instructor

  • Classes must be added by the deadline to add classes (see important dates)

      Welcome fall semester Students

Financial Aid information

Click here for the latest updates and reminders

Loaner laptops

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           e-textbook loaner programTo request a free eTextbook fill out the form here.

Check-out the following employment resources:

Online academic Tutoring

Need tutoring for your classes?


Tutoring Center, Reading/Writing Center & ESL Lab

Peer tutors and Instructors offer online and live interaction tutoring sessions via Zoom in a variety of subjects.


Student tutors and faculty are offering group tutoring via Zoom for: Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Ethnic Studies, Early Childhood Education, and Family and Consumer Studies.


Student tutors and faculty are offering group tutoring via Zoom for specific courses. Ask your instructors if there is an SI assigned to your class.

NetTutor Online Tutoring (24 hours a day / 7 days a week)

Please click HERE to register for NetTutor. 

Learn to Navigate Zoom

Student tutors and faculty will use Zoom to conduct their tutoring sessions. 

Please see the resources below to learn to navigate Zoom via Canvas. 

Click here to access the English tutorial
Click here to access the Spanish tutorial   

                                Legal Aid Information

Legal Aid is happy to talk to anyone who is having work-related issues due to the coronavirus. You can call the Work and Family Helpline at (800)880-8047 or the general helpline at (415)864-8848. Available languages are English, Spanish, Chinese, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Farsi.



                              Low-Cost Internet Services   

​Student Complaint Procedures

The Student Complaint Procedures are available to every San Jose City College student, offering an equitable means of seeking an appropriate remedy for a grievance regarding any college-related matter (other than as defined under the unlawful discrimination section of the catalog).  Complaint procedures are provided for the following: grade appeals process, complaints regarding a faculty member, complaints regarding a staff member, complaints about a manager, or sexual assault complaints.  

Related forms are available online here.

Most complaints, grievances or disciplinary matters should be resolved at the campus level. Students are encouraged to work through the campus complaint process first. Issues that are not resolved at the campus level may be escalated to state offices. Click here for more information.

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Roland Montemayor

Vice President, Student Affairs

Admin. Secretary,
Student Center, Room 216L
(408) 288-3146

Student Affairs administrators

Dr. Eliazer Ayala-Austin

Dean, Counseling &  Matriculation

Blake Balajadia

Director, Student Life

Dr. Edina Rutland

Associate Director, SAS

Takeo Kubo
Director, Financial Aid

Teresa Paiz

Director, Admission and Records

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