Changing Major

Change of Major

If you want to change your major, you need to come to the International Student Program to meet with a counselor and fill out the Request for Change of Major. The changes must be reported to SEVIS by the International Student Program. Failure to report academic program changes including a change of major can put a student’s immigration status at risk. When the form is received and verified, an updated I-20 will be processed and printed to reflect the new major. 

Change of Major Steps:

  1. Meet with a counselor to create a new education plan
  2. Submit the completed change of major form
  3. Pick up updated I-20 from International Student Program 
Your program timeline at San Jose City College is generally about 3 years. Please check for your program end date on your I-20. When you change your major your I-20 duration will be extended based on the requirements of the new major. 
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