Paying Tuition

Paying Tuition

All fees and payment deadlines are 2 weeks after the new semester start date. You will not receive payment requests in the mail. You can make a payment on MyWeb(online) or at Admissions and Records the Students Center (1st floor).

Refund of Fees

Refund of fees is not automatic. Please refer to the semester calendar for refund dates. All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to Admissions & Records by the appropriate deadlines. Please contact A & R for additional information.

Short-Term Credit Classes: Short-term credit classes are those that generally begin after the official start of the regular semester. A refund for eligible fees for a credit or course will be granted, minus a $10 processing fee when a student officially drops the class. The student must submit the completed refund request form in the Office of Admissions and Records on or before 10% of the class has elapsed. 

Canceled Classes: Students must request, in writing, a refund for a canceled class anytime during the semester in which the class was canceled. Monetary credit WILL NOT be transferred to the next semester. There is no processing fee for canceled classes.

Processing Timeline for Refunds: The refund process usually begins the week following the refund deadline and takes approximately six to eight weeks to complete. All refunds are mailed to the student. No refunds of any type will be processed or granted until all other financial obligations to the District have been satisfied.

Records Fees — (Non-Refundable Fees)

The following Admissions & Records services may require a fee:
• Transcripts
• General Education Certification or the CSU and Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum                (IGETC)
• Verification of Enrollment
• Miscellaneous Documents (Copies of miscellaneous documents (except transcripts from other colleges)
   contained in student files are available upon written request at a fee of $1 per page. This fee does not
   apply to San José City College records, for which there is a separate charge.)




Tuition & Other Fees                                         $8,138

Mandatory Health Insurance                            $1,689
Fall 2021 - $703.75
Spring 2022 - $985.25

Estimated Books & Supplies                               $600

Estimated Living Expenses                                 $9,900

Estimated Other Personal Expenses                  $2,072

Total Estimated Cost                                        $22,519


The estimates above reflect expenses for the academic year 2021-2022 for a student taking 12-units per semester. Expenses are revised annually and are subject to legislative change without notice.

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