Embedded Tutoring

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) offers embedded tutoring for various courses. In embedded tutoring, a tutor performs their tutoring duties in the classroom under faculty guidance to help students understand course concepts and enhance student engagement and success. Instructors interested in working with an embedded tutor should contact Peiman Gheibi at Peiman.Gheibi@sjcc.edu for the Tutoring Center and Evelyn Rojas at Evelyn.Rojas@sjcc.edu for the Reading & Writing Center.

Classroom Involvement, Early Alerts, and Outreach

LRC Embedded Peer tutors are embedded in classes up to 2 hours per week and available in the LRC for additional consultations.

The LRC embedded tutoring program implements an early alerts system predicated upon instructors using the electronic gradebook in Canvas. The Canvas gradebook is the mechanism the LRC uses to determine when outreach services for students are needed. For example, a low score on an assignment would trigger an LRC outreach effort; an LRC coordinator would then reach out to the low-scoring student to schedule a tutoring session. An LRC coordinator would also collaborate with course instructors to ensure tutoring best practices and collect feedback on the embedded tutoring experience.

Qualifications of Embedded Tutors

All embedded tutors are also LRC peer tutors and have passed transfer-level courses with an A or B and have received an instructor recommendation to tutor. Additionally, they have been vetted for subject knowledge by LRC coordinators, have completed a semester-length LS 90 Tutor Training/Education course, and have a minimum of one semester's experience tutoring in the LRC.

Cesar E. Chavez Library 

Schedule Information

Spring 2022

January 31 - May 27

LRC, Labs, and Tutoring 

Mondays – Thursdays

8:30am - 7pm



LRC, Labs, and Tutoring are closed on the weekends and on school holidays.


1st Floor of Library/LRC Building

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