​Just can't figure it out? Having trouble with a paper or presentation? Tutoring is available in a number of subject areas in the LRC. For the most part, you can expect to work one-on-one with a certified peer tutor or a college instructor. Some group tutoring and embedded tutoring is also available.

Check out the online tutoring we are offering while we learn remotely.

We also offer online tutoring that is available 24/7 through NetTutor. You can access NetTutor directly through Canvas or you can get access through the Library's webpage. LRC staff are on hand to assist you with NetTutor use, if you need it.

Face-to-face tutoring will not be offered until we are able to safely reopen the entire campus. 

Once the campus does reopen, traditional, face-to-face tutoring will be offered through the LRC's Tutoring Center (TC) and the Reading & Writing Center (RWC). Both Centers provide:

  • Walk-in tutoring
  • Scheduled tutoring
  • Support for group and embedded tutoring
  • Support for online tutoring
  • Internet-connected computers
  • Instructional resources (such as dictionaries, handbooks, and textbooks)
  • Friendly and helpful staff

The Tutoring Center supports a wide variety of subject areas, from math and the sciences to business and foreign languages. The Center also provides graphing calculators.

The Reading & Writing Center will help you with reading and writing assignments in any discipline but with a focus on English courses. The Center will help you with documentation (MLA and APA), proofreading, job and university applications, personal essays and statements, and preparation for the Writing Skills Test (WST).

Center and Peer-Tutor Certification
The LRC's tutoring centers are certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). The CRLA is an international authority that certifies organizations and individual tutors who meet its professional training and review standards.

 CRLA: International Tutor Training Program Certification

Cesar E. Chavez Library 

Schedule Information

Fall 2021 

August 30 - December 16

LRC, Labs, and Tutoring 

Mondays – Thursdays




LRC, Labs, and Tutoring are closed on the weekends and on school holidays.


1st Floor of Library/LRC Building

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