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SJCC Case Management Services​

Meet the Case Manager

Crisis Resources Active crisis= Help is needed now. I or someone I know is at risk of harming themselves or someone else. 


Go to:

(408)885-7855 8 am-10 pm

*Walk-in outpatient for Santa Clara County residents experiencing a mental health crisis and need immediate help.

  • Services include: Psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment; Phone consultation with licensed clinical staff; Brief Medication Management services up to fifty-nine (59) days; Appropriate referral to other community resources; Walk-in care for individuals who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis and need help.
CALL 911 & ask for a CIT officer to respond and for the Santa Clara County Mobile Crisis team to be notified

Are you having suicidal thoughts or just having a hard time? Do you need  a safe, supportive knowledgable person to speak to?

Call :


Online Wellness activities

  • Virtual You online groups. Free to Santa Clara County Residents ages 12-25.

Whats happening at SJCC?

  • Grocery Drive thru

FREE activities to benefit mental health & overall wellness

Community Resources

Covid-19 related resources

COVID-19 Specific Mental Health Resources

-Services include financial coaching, career coaching, credit and  debt counseling,  & Calfresh screening

  • Homeless Prevention System Referral Line

(408) 926-8885



- Services Provided:

-Virtual Groups & Virtual Activities

- Services provided:

- Individual Counseling, weekly online groups & activities

Mental Health Services

-Make an appointment with your doctor & ask for a referral 


-Call the number on your insurance card and ask for a list of mental health providers.  You will have to call to schedule an appt. 


  • For access to shelter placements you need a referral from Santa Clara County first.  Call the Santa Clara County Emergency Helpline (408) 278-6420. Referrals can take 24-72 hours.   
  • If you are between the ages of 13-24 please go to the Bill Wilson Center Drop-In Center located at 693 S. 2nd St. Services available include: 
    • Access to basic necessities such as food, clothing, personal care items, lockers, access to phone, and computer, access to showers, and washer and dryer.  
    • Connection to a Case Manager that can support with getting stable housing. 


  • SJPL Eastside Wifi  If you live near James Lick High School or Overfelt High School you may be able to connect to free community Wi-FI "Free Public Access Eastside" 

  • SJPL Borrow Hotspot San Jose Public Library cardholders can borrow available hotspots for 90 days & one 30 day renewal

  • SJPL Borrow a device San Jose Public Library cardholder can borrow an IPad or laptop.  May need to put your name on a waitlist until a device becomes available. 

Various Community Resources

​CalWORKs Resource Guide

Community Resource Helplines

Condado de Santa Clara Guía rápida de servicios​

​Immigrant-Related Resources in English, Español / Spanish, Tiếng Việt / Vietnamese​​​​, 中文​ / Chinese, 한국어/ Korean, فارسی /Farsi, Tagalog, and مصادر / Arabic​

Apply to Medi-Cal


Student Mental Health Crisis (student is in immediate danger to themselves or someone else)

  • Please activate emergency response by utlizing community crisis resources such as calling 911 and asking for a CIT officer to respond or the Santa Clara County Mobile Crisis Team 1(800)704-0900 and selecting option 2 to be connected to a mental health professional. **Please note that the Case Manager is not on-call, and not a first responder so if there is evidence that a student is in danger to themselves or someone else it must  be acted upon immediately.  After this submit a Student Support Referral.
  • Are you worried about a student, but  unsure if a student is in mental health crisis? Please call the Santa Clara County Mobile crisis team 1(800)704-0900 select option #2  for clinical consultation.  They can help you determine if a student is in crisis, answer questiong, provide guidance and provide resources.  

 How to refer a student

  • Please continue to follow protocol by submitting an electronic referral. Student Support Referral 
  •  A student is not officially referred until a student support referral is submitted. 

Has a student brought up that they are struggling, but you are unsure how to respond to the student? Use this example script:

“Thank you for sharing this with me.  It sounds like you could benefit from additional support. I am not an expert regarding___________,    but I know of someone who does know about that here at SJCC who   works with students just like yourself.  Here is her contact information I   am going to follow-up with you next week to see how you are doing, and if you had a chance to contact her. I am also going to submit   an electronic referral to her so she can contact you as well. ”

Please review this document to learn about  Crisis and Supporting Students with Accessing Mental Health Services

De-escalation Tips:

  • Goal of de-escalation is to aid in calming down the person and diffusing the situation.
  • Avoid getting defensive and employing a punitive approach in the moment. If a student requires disciplinary action that should occur aften this situation when the student is calm.
  • Remain calm.  
  • Utilize Active listening to support the student to feel heard.  You can summarize what the student is saying and repeat it back to them ie: "I am hearing..."
  • Utilize empathy.  
  • Utilize validation.  You can validate something without agreeing with them and/or their actions.  You are simply acknowledging someone's feelings.

Interested in a general mental health & wellness presentation?

  • Email to schedule a presentation
  • Presentations scheduled on a first-come first-served basis, and time permitting. 


  • If you have a question for the Case Manager.  Email or call (408)780-8497 to schedule a consulation.
  • Please note if you suspect or have evidence that a student is in immmediate danger to themself or someone else please skip to utilizing emergency response.   

Spring 2021 Hours:

Monday-Thursday 8:30 am-4:00 pm 

Friday hours: 8:30 am- 4 pm on following dates: 1/29, 2/5, 2/19, 3/5, 4/2, 5/7, 5/21

Contact Information:

Elisse Reyna, LCSW

SJCC Case Manager

(408) 780-8497

  • When leaving a voice mail pleae state your name, student id, contact informaiton and best time to contact you.  

On Campus Location:

Student Center Health Clinic 
(1st floor, SC-109C)​



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