Online Learning & Resources

Online Learning & Resources

Are you always on the run?

Busy with work, life, and family?

Not sure if you have time for school?

You can still go to college!


There are many ways to take classes at San José City College. Online learning may be right for you. A computer or tablet and you’re on your way! There are two kinds of online courses: 

  • Online classes are taught completely online.
  • Hybrid classes are taught partly in the classroom and partly online.

Click here for class schedules.



Are Online Classes Right for You?

Online Classes, also known as Distance Learning, are not for everyone. To help you decide whether distance learning is right for you, take this: ONLINE READINESS QUIZ

If you'd like to assess your online readiness more, you can look at these Online Learning Readiness Self-Assessment Modules.

Online Learning can provide an excellent way to achieve your educational goals, especially if you need a more flexible schedule or are unable to come to campus. But you should be aware that:

    • Online courses require as much time and commitment as traditional classroom-based
    • Most of your communication with your instructor and with other students will be in writing (in the form of email, discussion forums, chat rooms, blogs, wikis, or other online communication methods)Getting Started

All classes use eitherMoodle (link) or Canvas (starting Fall 2016) ,our campus online learning management systems. Canvas or Moodle is where your class will take place. Canvas and Moodle provide class activities of shared documents, graded assignments, quizzes, discussion forums, etc. for your online courses. The Canvas and  Moodle login pages have links for instructions on how to log in to Canvas or  Moodle for the first time.


The URL for login is

Your login name is first initial plus last name for example: amendez if your name were Alan Mendez).

If you have never logged into to Canvas, you will have to click reset/activate password link to select your password.

Additional info about login and using canvas is at
During regular hours (7:30 AM-6:30 PM), you and your students can call the ITSS Helpdesk at 1-408-270-6411 or email Helpdesk at At other times, you can call Canvas directly at 1-844-303-0353 .
Download the Canvas APP on your phone, and let your students know about it; it is one of Canvas' best-rated features.

Canvas, Moodle & MyWeb Support

For assistance with Moodle or MyWeb please contact the help desk:
(408) 270-6411

Canvas Support

When ITSS is not open (evenings and weekends) and you need assistance with Canvas, call 1-844-303-0353.

Online Counseling Support


MyWeb allows all current students to register, pay fees, and purchase parking permits, view class schedule, grades, GPA, transcripts of all records in this district and more.

Need help with MyWeb? Visit the Student FAQ’s or reference the How to Use MyWeb for Students Resource. 

Student Office 365 Login

For students with Office 365 webmail accounts, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to the following site  
  2. On the “Sign In” page enter your user name (your MyWeb login) in the following format:
  3. Enter your password - The initial password is password with a capital “P” and your six digit date of birth ex. If your date of birth is 06/25/95 your initial password will be Password062595

If you need further help please contact the helpdesk at (408) 270-6411

Other Online Resources

    • Campus Store is the place to purchase textbooks, bus passes, texting materials, gifts, clothing, greeting cards, snacks, beverages and a variety of school and office supplies.
    • SJCC Library Databases - Access journal, magazine, and newspaper articles online.
    • Library Catalog - The library is a great resource for you to complete your assignments and access online materials.
    • Research Aids - Additional research aids provided by the SJCC Library
    • The OWL at Purdue - This Online Writing Lab at Purdue University provides useful writing resources.
    • Study Guides and Strategies - A site with links to many useful study tips and strategies 



Counseling for Distance Education Learners

Students who are distance education learners have the option of receiving counseling services via telephone, email or Skype. Due to limited resources, Skype counseling services will be reserved for students who are currently registered in online coursework, or are planning on taking online coursework only. Please call (408) 288-3750 to schedule a Skype appointment.



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